NDA Biology Questions with Answers | NDA General Science PDF 2023

[Hindi/English] NDA Biology Questions with Answers PDF 2023: Every year NDA exam comprises a minimum of around 15-25 Questions from the Biology Segment and the questions are very simple that directly arise from the concepts without twisting them so it is very easy to score minimum 40-60 marks from this segment. Students just have to study the notes properly and start practicing questions and they will automatically understand everything about the NDA Biology section and what kind of questions are asked or going to form in the final exam paper of NDA 2023.

In the row of practice questions to develop a grip on the Biology potion for the NDA exam, we have provided Multiple Choice Questions with answers for each chapter one by one, that help students to strengthen each area of the biology section separately.

Important NDA Biology Questions with Answers

The practice questions of Biology which is a section of NDA Paper 2 also called the General Ability Test paper (GAT) are available in the downloadable PDF format and each chapter-wise PDF contains more than 50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that are formed as per the latest NDA Syllabus for Biology prescribed by the UPSC.

How do you practice these NDA Biology MCQs?

Follow the mentioned following instructions to achieve maximum benefits in the NDA 2023:

  • Step 01: Take a blank Page and mark the numbers according to the number of questions present in each Chapter-wise PDF.
  • Step 02: Also, use a separate copy or sheet of paper for your work if needed.
  • Step 03: Set a time less than 5-10 minutes according to yourself and try to solve the question in the predefined interval of time.
  • Step 04: Honestly Solve the questions and by solving them, write your answers on the Numbered Page.
  • Step 05: Tally your answers with the given answer in the bottom section of each PDF

Note: if you find any of the answers wrong, then kindly let us know in the comment section.

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Bilingualism of NDA Biology Questions & Answers

NDA exam occurs in both English as well as Hindi language, and there are so many students of Hindi Medium who are suffering from the lack of Hindi language study materials, but on this website Ndabooks.in both mediums complete study materials are available totally free forever. So, that’s why NDA Biology Questions Chapter-wise PDFs are also available in the Hindi Language, which students can access from the below further section.

NDA Biology Question and Answers PDF

Practice NDA Biology Questions by downloading the given below separate PDFs for each chapter and crack the NDA 2023 exam on the first hit. Answers are also provided for student’s reference.

  • Chapter 01: Diversity in Living World

Generally, 3-4 questions are asked from this chapter and they are mostly based upon mammals, insector, cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals, and differences between members of phylums.

  • Chapter 02: Cell and Cell Division

Usually, 4 to 5 questions are asked from this chapter which are mostly based on the general characteristics of animal cells, genetic material and osmosis in animal cells.

  • Chapter 03: Constituents of Food (Biomolecules)

On average 4 to 5 questions are asked from this chapter and these questions are based on Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Proteins, and a Balanced diet.

  • Chapter 04: Structural Organisation of Plants and Animals

From this chapter, Usually 3 to 4 questions are asked based on Blood, plant, and animal tissues.

  • Chapter 05: Plants Physiology and Reproduction

This is a very important chapter because the final paper contains 5 questions from here mostly based on fertilizers, reproduction, photosynthesis, and plant hormones.

  • Chapter 06: Human System-I

Generally, the paper contains 5-6 questions from this chapter majorly based on muscles, the blood circulatory system, the digestive system, and reproduction.

Chapter 07: Human System-II

Asked 1 to 2 questions based on sensory organs and functions of various hormones from this chapter.

  • Chapter 08: Health and Diseases

On an average 4 to 5 questions are asked particularly from this chapter. The main portion of the chapter is bacterial diseases, viral diseases, and STDs

  • Chapter 09: Economic Importance of Biology

The economic importance of Plants is a very important topic in this chapter, based on that 2 to 3 questions are usually asked in the exam.

  • Chapter 10: Ecology, Biodiversity, and Environment

Based on Pollution of Atmosphere, the paper contains 1 to 2 questions every year from this chapter.

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NDA Biology Questions and Answers for Practice Online

Question 01. Which of the following is a large blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart?

  • A. Vein
  • B. Artery
  • C. Capillary
  • D. Nerve

Question 02. Which of the following is not a member of the vitamin B complex?

  • A. Thiamine
  • B. Riboflavin
  • C. Folic acid
  • D. Ascorbic acid

Question 03. Fungi are plants that lack:

  • A. Oxygen
  • B. Carbon dioxide
  • C. Chlorophyll
  • D. None of these

Question 04. What makes a reptile a reptile?

  • A. Cold blooded
  • B. Warm Blooded
  • C. Non-Hearing
  • D. Egg-laying

Question 05. Which blood vessels have the smallest diameter?

  • A. Capillaries
  • B. Arterioles
  • C. Venules
  • D. Lymphatic

Question 06. Which of the following is an air-borne disease?

  • A. Measles
  • B. Typhoid
  • C. Pink eye
  • D. None of the above

Question 07. There is a very, yellow dust that comes away on the fingers, wherever we touch the middle of a flower. These tiny yellow grains are one of the most precious substances in nature because they contain the secret of plant life. What is this dust called?

  • A. Pollen
  • B. Sperm
  • C. Spore
  • D. Sporocyst

Question 08. Which organ of the body produces the fluid known as bile?

  • A. Liver
  • B. Pancreas
  • C. Gall bladder
  • D. Kidney

Question 09. Which of the following hormones is a steroid?

  • A. Estrogen
  • B. Glucagon
  • C. Insulin
  • D. Oxytocin

Question 10. Which one of the following is not a function of the liver?

  • A. Regulation of blood sugar
  • B. Enzyme activation
  • C. Detoxication
  • D. Reproduction

Question 11. Which part of the human body’s skin has the greatest number of Sweat glands?

  • A. Forehead
  • B. Forearm
  • C. Palm of the hand
  • D. Back

Question 12. Who among the following had started vaccination?

  • A. Jonas E. Salk
  • B. Paul Muller
  • C. Edward Jenner
  • D. Robert Frost

Question 13. Proteins consist of:

  • A. Sugars
  • B. Amino acids
  • C. Fatty acids
  • D. Nucleic acids

Question 14. Liver, milk, egg yolk, and fish liver oil is the source of:

  • A. Vitamin A
  • B. Vitamin B2
  • C. Vitamin D
  • D. Vitamin C

Question 15. Which of the following name of a scientist and their field of work is correctly matched?

  • A. DNA/Double helix: F. Crick J. Watson, M. Wilkins
  • B. Modern classification of plants and animals based on a system: Harvey
  • C. Bacteria: Linnaeus
  • D. Blood travels in a continuous circuit: Leuwenhock

Question 16. Heart is made up of

  • A. Non-striated muscle
  • B. Cardiac muscle
  • C. Adipose tissue
  • D. Striated muscle

Question 17. Hargobind Khorana’s work relates to:

  • A. Synthesis of simple DNA
  • B. Understanding the genetic code
  • C. Reduction of mutation
  • D. Synthesis of RNA from bacterial cell

Question 18. Which of the following coronavirus kills humans?

  • A. AIDS
  • B. FAIDS
  • C. SARS
  • D. HIV

Question 19. Digestion of proteins starts in the:

  • A. Mouth
  • B. Stomach
  • C. Duodenum
  • D. Intestine

Question 20. Which of the following acid is secreted in the stomach?

  • A. HCI
  • B. H2SO4
  • C. H2CO3
  • D. HNO3

Question 21. Which vitamin is needed to prevent Xerophthalmia?

  • A. Vitamin A
  • B. Vitamin B
  • C. Vitamin C
  • D. Vitamin D

Question 22. Why the white blood corpuscles are popularly called “soldiers of the body”?

  • A. March at a regular pace
  • B. Appear uniform
  • C. Defend the body
  • D. Disciplined

Question 23. Hepatitis is a general term for a disease that is caused by:

  • A. Viruses
  • B. Bacteria
  • C. Parasites
  • D. All the above

Question 24. Which among the following is not an example of a carbohydrate?

  • A. Maltose
  • B. Fructose
  • C. Glycogen
  • D. Glycine

Question 25. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

  • A. Haemoglobin: Skin
  • B. Vitamin C: Scurvy
  • C. Carbohydrate: Potato
  • D. Fat: Butter

Question 26. Which is a communicable disease?

  • A. Asthma
  • B. Scurvy
  • C. Measles
  • D. Diabetes

Question 27. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

  • A. Tuberculosis: Lungs
  • B. Filaria: Lymph nodes
  • C. Encephalitis: Heart
  • D. Leukaemia: Blood cells

Question 28. Which of the following has the highest protein content per gram?

  • A. Groundnut
  • B. Soyabean
  • C. Apple
  • D. Wheat

Question 29. Which of the following have Alpha-keratin as protein?

  • A. Blood
  • B. Eggs
  • C. Skin
  • D. Wool

Question 30. Mushrooms are/can be:

  • A. A variety of fungus
  • B. Fleshy, fruiting bodies of the fungus
  • C. Grown in small sheds or plots
  • D. All the above

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FAQs based on NDA Biology Questions

Q. How much weightage of Biology in the NDA exam?

On an average, the weightage of the Biology portion in the NDA exam is around 40 to 60 marks.

Q. How many NDA Biology questions are asked in the exam?

Around 15-25 Questions are directly or indirectly asked from the Biology Section In the NDA Exam every year.

Q. What is the level of NDA Biology questions?

The Questions formed from the Biology section in the NDA exam are very basic as general biology, directly from the concepts without twisting.

Q. Is NCERT enough to prepare for NDA Biology questions?

Yes, NCERT Books of Class 11th and 12th are totally enough to prepare for the NDA Biology section and especially focus on Multiple Choice Questions given after each chapter in the books.

Conclusion of NDA Biology MCQs

Approx 10-20 questions, the UPSC formed from the Biology section for the NDA exam, and on the deep analysis we observe that each chapter of Biology contributes a minimum of 1 to 2 Questions and students can check the most important chapter according to the frequency of asked question in the final exam, we have mentioned above. This is a very easy-to-score section of NDA Paper 2 i.e., General Ability Tests paper that easily gives you around 40 to 60 marks.

Hope, you will love the content provided above in this article and you can also review the website for more interesting & useful study materials regarding Indian Defence Examinations such as NDA, CDS, AFCAT, CAPF, CRPF, IAF any many more. Share the article in your friend circle and bookmark the website for Future reference of quality Free study materials. Thanks for reading this article!

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