I used to Smoke Cigarettes. Can I clear the NDA Physical test?

The Physical Test for NDA (National Defence Academy) is a tenacious as well as demanding process which requires a Candidate’s Physical fitness at a high level. The test includes different levels of physical exercises and activities that are strictly designed to evaluate candidates’ physical strength, endurance, and overall fitness.

I used to Smoke Cigarettes. Can I clear the NDA Physical test?

Effect of Cigarette Smoking on our Health?

Smoking Cigarette basically attacks the lungs and reduces the duration of breath holding, and we all know that long breath duration has a very important role in any kind of physical activity. It can also cause various health problems such as heart disease, cancer, lung disease, etc., and overall it negatively affects your health and physical fitness. As a result, It will decrease your lung capacity, cardiovascular system, and overall stamina which might make it difficult for you to qualify for the NDA physical test.

How can I recover my lungs damaged by Smoking Cigarettes?

If you have a habit of smoking cigarettes but want to get selected in NDA then quit this habit now or as soon as possible and try to improve your health. Below some tips are mentioned that lead you to get physically fit for the physical test of the NDA Exam.

01. Clean your Lungs to Accelerate Lung Healing

See, the human lungs are self-cleaning so they will gradually heal and regenerate on their own after you quit smoking and follow certain Healthy lifestyles such as practicing Yoga or exercises, drinking lots of water, eating Green Foods, etc. Check out Some components of a Healthy lifestyle which are explained below:-

  • Drink Lots Of Water

Drinking water is one of the most important things, it flushes the toxins of your body that were entered while having cigarettes. Start drinking more water daily, there is no need of developing a habit, you just have to double or triple your amount of water whenever you feel thirsty.

For example, if you drink one glass of water at a time then increase it up to two or three glasses.

  • Eat Healthy Foods

Our body needs nutrients to heal itself and it can be consumed from healthy food like green vegetables, dry fruits, fresh fruits, etc. The nutrients get our body from these foods will help our body cells to repair themselves and generate more new ones.

  • Exercise Regularly

Physical Exercises like walking, swimming, running, stretching, skipping, cycling, etc., increase the amount of oxygen that gets delivered to cells & tissues throughout the body and also increase the need for water and you know, what water does in our body.

02. Practice Deep Breathing

There are many benefits offered by deep breathing to our Lungs and breathing ability. It can strengthen our diaphragm, decrease oxygen demand, and release the trapped air. It also slows down the breathing rate which helps us feel more calm and relaxed.

03. Try a Therapy by Consulting a Doctor

If you are unable to maintain a continuity of practice with these above-mentioned tips then you can also try a doctor.

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Final Words:-

Overall, smoking cigarettes makes you physically unfit and you will not be able to clear NDA Physical Tests. But it also depends on how long you have been smoking and the extent of the damage to your health caused by smoking. If you have smoking well in advance then you have a chance to improve your physical health by consulting a doctor or you can strictly follow the above-mentioned tips.

But if you are smoking till now then it will be impossible for you to crack the NDA Physical Test. Hope, you find the article helpful and your confusion gets cleared now. Share the article with your defence friend and visit www.ndabooks.in for unlimited study material for completely free. Thank You!

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