NDA Geography Notes PDF Download 2023

By preparing with good notes for any exam, you will be able to crack the exam easily. So, if want to crack NDA 2023 in the first attempt then you must have a proper notes, and if you don’t have then don’t worry, because Ndabook.in is going to provide a good Handwritten Notes for NDA 2023.

NDA Geography Notes PDF download

In this particular post, candidates will be able to access the NDA Geography Notes PDF for free. Geography is one of the important section of the NDA General Aptitude Test Paper. Particularly from this Geography every year almost 22-24 Questions are asked.

In more detail,

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  • Indian Geography has an important weightage in the exam. So
    • 2-3 questions are asked from topics like the origin of Earth, Time zone, Types of rocks, Mountains, etc.
    • 2-3 questions are related to the structure and composition of the Atmosphere, Oceans, Cyclones Anticyclones, etc.
    • 7-8 questions cover topics like important industries, mineral and power sources in India, agriculture patterns in India, etc.
  • Concepts of World Geography are also a part of this portion. Then
    • Around 4-5 questions are based on the Drainage and Climate pattern of the World, and important Minerals and Energy resources of the world.
  • And, from The Environment and Ecology part
    • About 4-5 questions are asked from areas like the Natural vegetation of India and the world, National parks and Wildlife sanctuaries in India, etc.

Feature of NDA Geography Notes

  • The NDA Geography Notes are prepared under the experts of the subjects.
  • Completely follow the latest curriculum of NDA 2023 released by UPSC.
  • Also, Diagrams and Charts are used to explain the topics, so that candidates easily memorize the concepts.

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How to download the NDA Geography Notes PDF Download 2023?

If you want to download the genuine NDA Geography Notes, follow the steps listed below:-

  • In Step 01, you have to search the keyword “NDA Geography Notes PDF Ndabooks.in” on Google.
  • In Step 02, check the results and find the website Ndabooks.in, usually it will be at the top on the searched Keyword.
  • And in Step 03, visit the website and read the post in which features, benefits, etc are given about the NDA Geography Notes
  • Last, in Step 04, find the Download Button, and finally, download the NDA Geography Notes PDF for NDA 2023.

NDA Geography Notes PDF Download 2023

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What is the level of geography in NDA?

Every year 22-24 Questions are asked from Geography in NDA General Aptitude Paper. And These questions are mostly from NCERT Geography Books from Class 6th to 12th.

What are the benefits of NDA Geography Notes?

Notes always play a very important role in the preparation for any exam. Notes provide the concepts in very simple and student-friendly language. So, when you study the Notes then you can easily connect yourself.

Which class Ncert is best for NDA geography?

NCERT Books provide concrete conceptual knowledge of topics, that’s why in many exams Questions are asked directly from NCERT Books. And, definitely, NCERT books from Class 6th to 12th are one of the best study materials for the NDA.

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