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Lucent General English PDF Download 2023: – The Lucent Publication General English Grammar book to prepare for basic English grammar topics that are commonly asked in the different Indian government or private competitive exams. If the students want to develop a strong grip on the basics of English grammar as well as the writing section then this book is for them.

Due to its bilingual writing, it enables both Hindi and English medium students to gain the concepts very easily. If the students follow the book in their defined arrangement of chapters, then they will get the maximum output from the book. The topics explained in this book are very straightforward and catchy. Here in this article, we have given the Lucent General English PDF which is easily accessible by anyone through the given link below.

Lucent English Medium or Language or Explaining Way

The Lucent Publication English Grammar book explains concepts very beautifully in mixed Hindi and English language that enable both Hindi as well as English medium students to study the concepts and gain knowledge without facing the problem of the language barrier. Because there are many students in India that belongs from a Hindi medium background and face language problems while preparing for any exam. So that’s why Lucent Publication released this book to help these students to get success by reaching their goals.

General English Lucent Publication Useful For

In almost every examination in India, English has a particular section where questions are formed from different portions of English such as Grammar, Writing, etc. And if you are thinking to prepare for any of the Indian government as well as private job recruitment exams then your basics should be strong in English.

The Lucent Publication published a book named General English that covers all the basics topics of English required to qualify the exams like Bank (P.O./Clerk), C.D.S., N.D.A., SCRA, CAT, MAT, MBA (XAT, FMS, IMET, SNAP, CET, ATMA, IIFT, NID) B.B.A, B.B.M., B.B.S., Hotel Management, B.M.S., CCEE, MCA, BCA, IGNOU, S.S.C. (M), UPSC, PC.S., Tax Assistant, Income Tax & Excise Inspector, Stenographer, Translator, Railways, C.P.O., B.Ed. Entrance, Commercial Auditor, Section officer, IIIT, JNU Entrance, LIC (AAO), GIC, AFMC, and other competitive examinations.

Download Lucent General English Book PDF

Download the Lucent General English Grammar Book PDF from the given link below in the table and smash in the English section.

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Lucent English Grammar Book: Chapter Contents

There are total 39 Chapters in this Lucent Publication General English book that covers the required English Grammar content for Indian Government Examinations. Along with chapter-wise contents, it also contains solved as well as unsolved problems for revision of concepts and final practice. So, check out the chapter list from the below table and tally it with your particular exam syllabus then add this book to your preparation.

S. No.ChaptersPage IntervalExplaining Language
🔰 Chapter 01Syntax1 – 19Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 02Articles20 – 50Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 03Noun51 – 58Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 04Noun and the Number59 – 81Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 05Noun and the Gender82 – 88Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 06Noun and the Case89 – 98Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 07Pronoun99 – 133Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 08Adjective134 – 158Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 09Interchange of degrees of comparison159 – 166Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 10Time and Tense167 – 183Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 11Narration184 – 205Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 12Voice206 – 221Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 13Removal of Too222 – 226Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 14Verb227 – 231Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 15Verb Form232 – 242Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 16Auxiliary Verbs243 – 254Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 17Adverb255 -283Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 18Preposition284 – 320Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 19Conjunction321 – 338Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 20Non-finites339 – 358Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 21Question Tags359 – 365Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 22Emphatic with Do/Does/Did366 – 367Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 23Common Error368 – 379Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 24Correction of the Sentences380 – 387Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 25Transformation of Sentences-I388 – 402Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 26Analysis of Sentences403 – 413Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 27Transformation of Sentences-II414 – 420Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 28Synthesis of Sentences421 – 429Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 29Synonyms430 – 437Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 30Antinyms438 – 452Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 31One word substitution453 – 468Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 32Phrasal Verbs469 – 477Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 33Word Often Confused478 – 504Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 34Idioms and Phrases505 – 520Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 35Proverbs521 – 523Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 36Foreign Words and Phrases524 – 530Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 37Spelling Test531 – 542Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 38Miscellaneous543 – 545Hinglish
🔰 Chapter 39The Same word used as Different Parts
of Speech
546 – 554Hinglish

NOTE : – If you need any help regarding your exam, preparation or demand of e-books, video lectures, syllabus etc then let us know 📌 in the Comment Section below. 

Why you should have this Book in Your preparation?

This is a very ideal book for almost all the Indian government exams such as Railway, SSC, Banking, and other competitive examinations. Those aspirants who are preparing for these kinds of exams should get a copy (Hardcopy or softcopy) of the Lucent Publication General Basic English Grammar Book, which help aspirants to develop a very deep understanding of the concepts. So, that’s why it is strongly recommended students to this book at least once.

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Lucent General English AK Thakur: Conclusion

Overall, this Lucent Publication General English book written by AK Thakur is a very popular book with which students can prepare their basic English grammar portion for the particular exam. The author has written this book in the mixed language of Hindi and English so that both medium students can easily understand each topic.

Hope the Book PDF download link is working fine and you will easily get the book PDF without suffering from any kind of problem. And, same as this, there are many more study materials are available here on this website for completely which students can download by reviewing the complete website.

Now, if you are still facing any kind of problem while downloading or have any queries in your mind then feel free to reach us by leaving a comment below in the comment section. Also, share the article with your classmates or friends and bookmark the website to get more free study materials in the future. Thank You!

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