Lucent General Science PDF Download In Hindi And English 2023

Lucent General Science PDF in Hindi and English Download 2023: – Those students who are looking for the General Science of Lucent publication will find this post useful because, in this post, we are going to provide the Lucent General Science Book in the PDF format which contains the General Basics knowledge of all Five major parts of General Science as Physics, Astronomy, Computer, Chemistry and Biology.

Due to its vast coverage of content, it will help in almost every government competitive exam in India. The book has been divided into mainly five parts in which the required topics of General Science are elaborated in a very straightforward way and also contains some solved as well as unsolved problems to help students in revising the each concept.

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The successful topper’s recommended book for General Science of the Lucent publication available here in the PDF format on this post. The way that Lucent Publication arrange the chapters content makes it more valuable and effective. The book is provided here in both Hindi & English medium with easily accessible PDF format. Keep scrolling the article to get the complete knowledge about the book in every aspect.

Key Features of Lucent Publication General Science

The following features of the Lucent Publication General Science Book 2023 are:-

  • Topics explained in very straightforward way.
  • Available in both Hindi as well as English Medium.
  • Try to provide maximum points in very less words.
  • Arrangement of each chapter contents are very well organized.
  • Main Points are highlighted by different colour (Red Colour).
  • Prepared by Best faculties / Experts of this field.

Use this Book as a General Science Notes for Revision

The book is a type of one liner and short paragraph summarized notes that only covered the useful points. So due to this arrangement of chapter-wise summarized notes in the bulletin format students can use it as a revision that can be quickly revised before the exam or test.

Download Lucent General Science PDF

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Syllabus covered in Lucent General Science Book

The General Science Book of very Famous Lucent Publication comprises five major Units as General Physics, Astronomy, General Computer, General Chemistry and General Biology, their full detailed syllabus are given below.

  • Lucent General Science: Part 01 – Physics Covered Syllabus

I. Mechanics

Physics, Measurement, Motion, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Linear Momentum and Impulse, Rocket (a variable mass system) Types of Forces or Interactions, Frictional Force, Centripetal Force. Torque or Moment of a force, Simple Machines, Equilibrium of bodies, work, Power, energy, Gravitation, Orbital velocity, Geo-Stationary Satellite, Escape velocity, Elasticity, Archimedes’s principle, Law of flotation, Surface tension, Viscosity, Bernoulli’s theorem, Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)

II. Sound (Acoustics)

Waves or Waves-Motion, Sound waves, Ultrasonic waves or Supersonic waves, Newton’s formula & Laplace’s Correction for speed of sound, characteristics of musical sound, Reflection of a sound wave, Echo, Refraction of sound, Superposition of waves, Interference in sound, Beats, Stationary or Standing waves, Organ pipes, Doppeler’s effect in sound, Sonic booms.

III. Thermal Physics (Heat & Thermodynamics)

Heat and Temperature, Thermometry, Thermal expansion of solids, liquids and gases, Calorimetry, Molar heat capacity of the gases, Transmission of heat-Conduction, Convection and Radiation, Black body, Kirchoff’s law, Stefan’s law, Newton’s law of cooling, Kinetic theory of gases, Thermodynamics, Entropy, Evaporation or vapourisation, Joule-Thomson or Joule-Kelvin effect, Relative humidity.

IV. Light (Optics)

Light, Dual nature of light, Rectilinear propagation of light, Pinhole camera, Eclipses-Solar & Lunar, Reflection of light, Plane mirror, Spherical mirrors-Concave & Convex, Refraction of light, Total Internal Reflection of Light, Critical Velocity, Optical fibers, Refraction of light. through a lens, Power of a lens, Dispersion of light, Rainbows, Colour of objects, Interference of light waves, Coherence, Diffraction of light, Polarisation of light waves, Double refraction, Nicol’s prism, Polaroid, Plane, Circularly and Elliptically polarised light, Scattering of light, Human eye, Eye’s defects or Defects of vision, Optical Instruments- Camera, Microscopes and Telescopes, Fermat’s principle, aberration, Achromatism of lenses.

V. Electricity and Magnetism

Electrostatics-Kinds of charges, Electric field, surface charge … 119-156 density, Coulomb’s law, Electric field Intensity, Electric dipole and dipole moment, Electric flux, Gauss’s law, Electric potential, Electrical Capacity and Capacitor (Condensor), Dielectric, Electric polarization of matter.

Current Electricity-Current density, Electric cell, Ohm’s law, Child Langmur’s law, Specific resistance or resistivity, Combination of resistances, Lorentz force, Magnetic Flux, Magnetic field, Biot-Savart law, Ampere’s law, Galvanometer, Potentiometer, Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction, Lenz’s law, Self-induction and Mutual induction. Thermo electricity, Electric Heater, Electric Iron, Alternating Current (A.C.), Power, Power factor and watless Current, choke-Coil, Transformer, Dynamo, Microphone, Loudspeaker, Electric Motor, Electric fuse, Socket, Plugs, Electric Switch. Magnetism-Properties of a magnet, Magnetic field intensity Terrestrial Magnetism, Miscellaneous.

VI. Modern Physics (Atomic & Nuclear Physics)

Electron, Proton, Neutron, pi-meson (x-meson), Positron, Cosmic Lys, Planck’s, Quantum theory, Photoelectric effect, Photoelectric cells, Compton effect, X-rays, Moseley’s law, Bragg’s law, the de-Broglie hypothesis of matter waves, Atomic models, Zeeman Effect, Raman Effect, Radioactivity, Mass defect and Binding energy, Nuclear fission and fusion, Michelson-Morley Experiment, Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

VII. Electronics

Thermionic emission, Diode & Triode valves, Semiconductor, pn- Junction/Semiconductor diode, Tunnel diode, Solar cell, Junction Transistor/Bipolar Transistor, Unipolar Transistor or Field Effect Transistor (FET), MOSFET, Modern electronic devices-CRO, Television, RADAR, LASER, Miscellaneous, Objective Questions.

  • Lucent General Science: Part 02 – Astronomy Covered Syllabus

Development of Astronomy, Universe or Cosmos, Eminent Astronomers- Ptolemy’s Geocentric theory, Copernicus’s Heliocentric theory, Herschel, Hubble’s law of recession of galaxies, Doppler’s shift, Pulsating or Oscillating theory of Universe, Celestial bodies, Glaxy, Constellation, Stars (Origin & Evolution), Neutron Stars, Solar system, Inner planets or Terrestrial planets, Sun, Photosphere, Chromosphere, Corona, Sunspots, Conventional planets, Prague Summit, Order of planets- Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars etc, Dwarf planets- Pluto, Cheron, Xena-2003 UB 313, Small Celestial bodies-Asteroids, Comets, Meteor etc, Satellite of the earth-Moon, Objective Questions.

  • Lucent General Science: Part 03 – Computer Covered Syllabus

Development of Computer, Computer Generations, Types of Computer (according to size) Micro, Mini, mainframe, Super Computer etc, Quantum Computer, Categorization of Computer-based on their working system- Digital, Analogue, Hybrid, Optical Computer etc, Functions of Computer, Computer System- Hardware & Software, Languages of Computer- Machine code language, Assembly language etc, Hight level languages- FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, PASCAL, PROLOG, FORTH etc., Computer bug/ virus. Computer Networking Important fante wilted to Commuters

  • Lucent General Science: Part 04 – Chemistry Covered Syllabus

I. Physical Chemistry

Chemistry, Various branches of Chemistry, States of matter, Composition of matter-Solid, Liquid and Gas, Chemical composition of matter- Element, Compound and Mixture, The Component c Constituent particles of the substance or matter, Separation of mixture, Atomic Mass Unit & Mole concept, Mole and Avogadro number, Atomic structure-Atom and Molecule, Atomic models- Rutherford & Bohr’s Model, Bohr-Burry Scheme, Shell or Orbit, Orbital, Electronic Configuration. Quantum theory, Pauli’s Exclusion Principle, Hund’s rule, Radioactivity, Nuclear Fission & Fusion, Electronic theory of Valency & Chemical bonding, Oxidation-Reduction, Acid, Base and Salt. pH Value, Buffer Solution, Chemical formula & Chemical Equation, Chemical reaction, Metallic Corrosion, Galvanization, Solution, Solute and Solvent, Colloid or Colloidal Solution, Gaseous laws, Chemical Kinetics & Chemical equilibrium, Electro Chemistry, Fuels. Periodic Classification of elements, Metallurgical Operations,

II. Inorganic Chemistry

Elements, Ores and their Formulae, Metals- Sodium, Magnesium, Aluminium, Calcium, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Zinc, Mercury, Lead, Thorium, Uranium, Plutonium etc. Non-Metals-Hydrogen, Carbon, Silicon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Oxygen, Sulphur, Halogen, Inert Gases, Metalloid, Some brief fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry, Catalysis, Man-made substances-Cement, Glass, Fertilizers etc.

III. Organic Chemistry

Classification of organic compounds- Aliphatic or Open chain compounds, Cyclic or Close chain compounds, Some important incidents of organic chemistry, Hydrocarbon, Some basic organic compounds, Organic compounds and their uses, Natural sources of organic acids, Alcoholic beverages, Petroleum, Soaps & Detergents, Oils & Fats, Waxes, Plastic, Rubber, Fiberes, Miscellaneous, Objective Questions.

  • Lucent General Science: Part 05 – Biology Covered Syllabus

Classification of Organisms, Binary System of the nomenclature of organism, Cytology (cell, its structure and functions of cell organelles), Chromosomes, Structure of DNA and RNA, Virus, Monera Kingdom, Bacteria, Viral and bacterial diseases, Protista Kingdom, Fungi Kingdom, Fungal diseases, Lichens, Plant Kingdom, Algae, Morphology of Angiosperms, Plant tissue, Nutrition in plant, Plant Hormones, Plant diseases, Ecology, Modern Classification of animal kingdom, Animal tissue, Nutrition of Animals, System of Human body- Digestive System, Respiratory System, Excretory System, Nervous System, Circulatory System, Skeleton System, Endocrine System, Reproductive System, Genetics, The terms related to the Genetics (Genetical terminology), Biological terms, Specific branches of Biology, Inventions related to the Medical/Biological Science, Objective Questions.

Lucent General Science Book: Conclusion

Hope, you will not face kind of problem in downloading the Lucent General Science Book via the Google drive link provided in a table of this article. Overall, the lucent publication general science is the best book across the country to study the general science of different state as well as national level exams.

Due to its vast coverage of topics, the book is very useful for several exams and loved by millions of students and teachers across the country. Use this book at least once, it will definitely enrich your knowledge. Download the book and share the article with your friends to help us in building a very big Defence Family. Also, review the website for more useful study material for free or you can leave a comment or queries or demand in the comment section below. Thanks for supporting us. STUDY HARD!

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