Comprehension Practice For NDA with Answers 2023

Practice Important Reading Comprehension Questions here for NDA 2023 prepared by expert faculties. Verbal comprehension will increase your ability to read and understand the written passage. Below 10 Reading Comprehension are given for you with answers.

Comprehension Practice For NDA with Answers

Directions Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions that follow.


Modern economic theory does not differentiate between renewable and non-renewable materials, as its approach is to measure everything by means of a money price. Thus, taking various alternative fuels like coal, oil, wood and water-power; the only difference between them recognised by modern economics is relative cost per equivalent unit. The cheapest is automatically the one to be preferred,
as to do otherwise would be irrational and uneconomic. From a Buddhist point of view, of course, this will not do since the essential difference between non-renewable fuels like coal and oil on the one hand and renewable sources like wind-power and water-power on the other cannot be simply overlooked.

Non-renewable goods must be used only if their use is indispensable and then only with the greatest care and highest concern for conservation. To use them carelessly or extravagantly, is an act of violence and while complete non-violence may not be possible on this Earth, it is nonetheless a duty of man to aim at the ideal of non-violence in all he does.

01. Which of the following statements is/are correct on the basis of information in the above passage?

  • A. Buddhist economists totally prohibit the use of non-renewable sources.
  • B. The attitude of modern economists towards natural resources is uneconomic.
  • C. Complete non-violence is not possible.

Select the correct answer using the codes given below.
(a) Only A (b) Only B
(c) Only C (d) A and C

02. The Buddhist viewpoint implies
(a) conservation should be given the highest consideration
(b) hydel projects are highly capital intensive
(c) oil is to be preferred since it does not produce ash
(d) money economics should govern the choice of energy sources

03. Buddhist economists are not in favour of
(a) economic development
(b) world economy being governed by oil prices
(c) using non-renewable sources indiscriminately
(d) harnessing wind energy

04. In this passage, the author has tried to
(a) show that the modern economist is concerned only with costs
(b) underline the need for conserving natural resources
(c) differentiate between the two economic philosophies
(d) explain the impact of oil on the world economy


As society becomes more and more affluent, people would prefer to work shorter hours at their regular employment so that they may enjoy longer hours of leisure during which they can indulge in more congenial activities. They will not like to waste their leisure time performing routine domestic
chores, which tend to sap their energy. The idea of a robot slave which would be capable of performing many of these monotonous chores is one that will appeal to many.

Already robots are used in mines and factories to perform tasks which are too risky for human beings. It takes a lot of research by dedicated scientists and sufficient financial backing for a model to be developed to perform a new task. This in turn depends on the number of people who feel the need for a robot to perform these specific tasks. The problem of designing a robot capable of performing various routine tasks around the house is not insurmountable. A domestic robot slave with its own computer and response mechanism and source of power, which can be programmed to perform certain specific tasks, is not an impossibility.

01. In an affluent society, people prefer to work shorter hours because
(a) they are lazy
(b) they do not have the strength to work
(c) they want time to carry out other activities
(d) they abhor their work

02. Domestic chores
(a) are welcome by housewives
(b) are too demanding
(c) lead to family discord
(d) are too time consuming

03. Robots are already used in mines and factories to perform
(a) hazardous tasks
(b) tasks with greater efficiency than human beings
(c) tasks which lead to economy in the operations
(d) tasks which are forbidden by the labour laws

04. Developing a robot capable of performing a new task
(a) is difficult for the scientists
(b) is impossible for the scientists
(c) requires huge capital
(d) depends on the number of people who require it


The energy crisis has been with us for a long time and will be with us even longer. Whether Arab oil flows freely or not, it is clear that the world industry cannot be allowed to depend on so fragile a base. The supply of oil can be shut off at whim any time. In any case, the oil wells will run dry in about 30 years. New sources of energy must be found and this will take time. But it is not likely to restore that sense of copious energy availability we had in the past.

01. In the writer’s opinion, the energy crisis
(a) is an outcome of unregulated supply of oil to industries
(b) will subside as soon as the Arab oil begins to flow again
(c) is very likely to lead to the world war
(d) will remain with us for an almost indefinite period of time

02. The phrase ‘so fragile a base’ refers to the
(a) current energy crisis in the world
(b) uncertainty about the flow of Arab oil
(c) delay in finding the new energy sources
(d) drying up of the oil wells in future

03. The type of writing in the given passage could be called
(a) official (b) scientific
(c) popular (d) political


All who have gone before you have submitted to the stroke of death. All who come after you shall undergo the same fate. The great and the good, the prince and the peasant, the renowned and the obscure travel alike the road which leads to the grave. At the moment when you expire, thousands throughout the world shall with you, be yielding up their breath. Can that be held to be a great calamity which is common to you with everything that lives on the Earth, which is an event as much according to the course of the nature, as it is that leaves shall fall in autumn or that fruit should drop from the tree when it is fully ripe.

01. Death is a natural phenomenon because
(a) the moment you die, thousands of people all over the world die with you
(b) it is as natural as the fall of leaves of fruits from the trees
(c) many people have died in the past
(d) the great and the good, the prince and the peasant, the renowned and the obscure, all die

02. The author compares death with the fall of the ripe fruit from a tree to show that death
(a) occurs in nature also
(b) is a kind of fall from a great height
(c) gives freedom from the ordeals of life
(d) occurs with the achievement of fullness

03. Which one of the following sentences shows that death is a great leveller?
(a) All who come after you shall undergo the same fate
(b) The great and the good, the prince and the peasant, the renowned and the obscure travel alike the road which leads to the grave
(c) At the moment when you expire, thousands throughout the world shall with you, be yielding up
their breath
(d) All who have gone before you have submitted to the stroke of death


I was late bloomer and always envied those people who stood out in high school because I didn’t. I learned early on, although, that it’s essential to set yourself apart from the group. Life is one struggle after another to succeed, particularly when you’re starting out. If your biodata is sitting at the bottom of a pile of junk mail, sometimes a distinctive approach will get you noticed, especially if the competition is fierce. Once my partner Jerry and I asked the other freelance writers of a TV serial what characters they hated to write for the most. Everybody said the same thing–they disliked writing for the minor characters because they thought that writing for them wouldn’t help them to get other jobs. Jerry and I decided that we would write scripts for the minor character because that’s what was needed and we needed to set ourselves apart. In the first script, Jerry and I wrote a school-girl falls in love with a boy in her class. The producers loved the story. And with that one script, Jerry and I were no longer just another comedy-writing team.

01. The author is of the opinion that
(a) one should be part of the group
(b) one should be different from others
(c) it is important to do well in high school
(d) one should need to the advice of the seniors

02. The author had been
(a) into advertising business
(b) a comedy writer
(c) a music director
(d) a news reader

03. According to the author,
(a) one should be very meticulous in preparing his biodata
(b) competition in the job market is very fierce
(c) one should follow a conservative approach in preparing his biodata
(d) one should try to get noticed by being innovative

04. Jerry and the author wrote scripts for the minor characters
(a) to realise their creative potential
(b) to earn more money
(c) to establish a different image
(d) because they did not have enough work


Wind-power has obvious advantage as it is non-polluting, causes no ecological imbalance, requires
no throughput fuel and has extremely low gestation period. After almost a decade of sporadic growth, wind energy finally seems to be stepping out from shadows of alternative technology into the commercial mainstream, worldwide. Even though, India now has an installed base of just over 1600 MW, this is nothing compared to countries such as Germany which meets around 20% of its energy requirements from wind energy. Wind-power offers long-term price stability too. Not only are generation costs of such projects low, the capital expenditure is comparable to fossil fuel based stations. Wind-power plants have low operating and maintenance costs. Long-term economics work out to be quite favourable for the wind energy. Infact, it is being seen as a solution to sustainable development. By the end of 2001, the installed wind-power was almost 25000 MW.

01. Which one of the following statements is correct?
(a) Wind-power plants take a long time to get commissioned
(b) Maintenance cost of wind-power plants is high
(c) Wind-power plants lead to violent vibrations
(d) Wind-power plants require no fuel

02. Which one of the following statements is correct?
(a) Installation of wind-power is resisted by environmentalists
(b) Generation cost of wind-power plants is high
(c) Installation cost of wind-power plants is much higher than of fossil fuel based plants
(d) Wind-power is now being commercially harnessed

03. Which one of the following statements is correct?
(a) In Germany, 25000 MW of electricity is generated by using wind-power
(b) Wind-power plants offer no price stability
(c) Wind-power is economically viable on long-term basis
(d) In America, 20% of the power requirements are met through wind-power


Personally, I have been very fortunate and almost inevitably, I have received courtesy from my own
countrymen as well as from the English. Even my goalers and the policemen, from place to place have been kind to me and much of the bitterness of conflict and the sting of goal-life has been toned down because of this human touch. It was not surprising that my own countrymen should treat me so for I had gained a measure of notoriety and popularity among them. Even for Englishmen, I was an individual and not merely one of the mass and I imagine the fact that I had received my education in England, brought me nearer to them.

01. The phrase ‘almost inevitably’ in this passage means
(a) without precedence
(b) unexpectedly
(c) invariably
(d) considerably

02. The writer is of the opinion that the bitterness of conflict has been toned down because of
(a) the adversary’s courteous behaviour
(b) the adversary’s diplomatic behaviour
(c) his good behaviour
(d) the writer being close to the Englishmen

03. The writer’s own countrymen treated him with love and regard because of
(a) a human touch in their nature
(b) his good political work
(c) his courage and generosity
(d) his widespread popularity among the masses


English is generally acknowledged to be the world’s most important language. It is perhaps worth trying to understand briefly the basis for that evaluation. There are after all thousands of languages in the world and each seems to be uniquely important to those who speak it as their native language, the language they acquired at their mother’s knee. But there are some objective standards to judge their relative importance. One criterion is the number of speakers of the language. A second is the extent to which a language is geographically dispersed : in how many continents and countries is it used or its knowledge necessary? A third is its functional load : how extensive is the range of purposes for which it is used? In particular, to what extent is it the medium for highly valued cultural manifestations such as science or literature? A fourth is the economic and political influence of the native speakers of the language.

01. The author wants to evaluate the importance of the English language because it is
(a) the language of the Britishers
(b) studied as second language in India
(c) the most useful language of the world
(d) used in many countries

02. The speakers of every language
(a) consider their language as the most important
(b) do not like other languages
(c) treat all the languages alike
(d) want to learn English

03. The writer’s evaluation of the importance of the English language is based on
(a) general notions
(b) linguistic assumptions
(c) subjective feelings
(d) objective criteria


The spectre of unemployment is looming large on almost every graduate with a general purpose degree. This education has very little relevance to life and therefore, the young generation is getting frustrated. If we look deeper into the problems of extremism and terrorism, perhaps unemployment and frustration of young people is one of the chief reasons for this malaise. The most dangerous trend is the growing violence in the human heart. The first task of every university is to ensure that violence to each other does not become the new human culture. The sociologists have a lot to contribute by analysing the thought processes of the young persons and evolving the remedial measures.

01. The young generation is getting frustrated because
(a) they have taken general purpose degrees
(b) they remain unemployed
(c) they are drawn to terrorism
(d) there is violence around them

02. Enormous responsibility to comprehend the problems of young generation lies with
(a) the press and TV media
(b) our political leaders
(c) the sociologists
(d) education administrators

03. The increase in violence in our society is
(a) a sign of revolutionary zeal
(b) the result of modern system of education
(c) the urge to surpass others in life
(d) the result of frustration in life


There is a natural tendency in every animate being to resent restrictions. If you block the growth of a
plant, it will try to pierce through the blockade. If you enclose a worm or fish in a glass jar, you will
find it restlessly moving hither and thither to find a way out. Similarly, if you confine a bird or an animal in a cage or a room, you will find it gets constantly trying to break through the cage or the room in a fit of escape. Only when it gets tired or identifies itself with the environment of the prison, it will sit silent. Thus, the urge to be free is inborn in all animate beings. It gets suppressed only on its identification with the situation. The urge to be free is also reason present in inanimate objects but it is latent and ultimately gets fulfilled. It is for this reason that matter constantly changes its shape. The charge is in a way a fulfillment of that urge.

01. The natural tendency among the living beings is to
(a) submit to the circumstances
(b) strive for freedom
(c) place restrictions in the way of others
(d) create blockades

02. A worm in a glass jar first tries to
(a) adjust itself (b) break the jar
(c) move out of it (d) ignore the change

03. An animal will sit quietly in a cage after it has
(a) eaten well
(b) struggled enough
(c) identified itself with the changed circumstances
(d) given up hope of freedom

04. Matter constantly changes its shape because it
(a) is inanimate
(b) also has an urge to be free
(c) is moulded into different shapes by men
(d) has not soul

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Passage 011 – [c]2 – [a]3 – [c]4 – [b]
Passage 021 – [c]2 – [b]3 – [a]4 – [d]
Passage 031 – [d]2 – [b]3 – [d]
Passage 041 – [b]2 – [d]3 – [b]
Passage 051 – [b]2 – [b]3 – [d]4 – [c]
Passage 061 – [d]2 – [d]3 – [c]
Passage 071 – [c]2 – [a]3 – [d]
Passage 081 – [c]2 – [a]3 – [d]
Passage 091 – [b]2 – [c]3 – [d]
Passage 101 – [b]2 – [c]3 – [c]4 – [b]

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