NDA Physics Chapter wise Questions PDF Free Download 2023

Here you can download nda physics chapter wise questions pdf for your general ability test of NDA exam. In case you are looking for nda physics questions pdf, nda physics chapter wise questions pdf then your search will came to an end on this page. Physics is one of the important section of the general ability test of NDA exam, so every aspirant must practice the given general physics mcq pdf along with other physics questions as much as possible for scoring good marks.

NDA Physics MCQs PDF for Practice download 2023

National Defence Academy (NDA) is conducted every year by (UPSC) Union Public Service Commission for the aspirants who are seeking to join the Defence Forces as an Officer. Important Physics Questions for NDA Exam with answers in pdf format are provided in this article which candidates can download by scrolling down so that aspirants can use them and practice questions to analyze their preparation easily and score good marks in the exam.

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NDA Physics Important Questions with Answers PDF Download :

Every year around 23-25 MCQ questions for physics is asked in general ability test of NDA exam . Physics is one of the most important subject of GAT. The level of questions of Physics asked in exam is basic level which you have studied from class 9 to class 12. Every candidate must give some separate time to prepare for physics for general ability test of NDA or NA.

The best way to prepare for the physics is to understand the basic concept of the topics and practice as much questions as possible . To practice questions we have provided physics MCQ question with answer pdf For NDA exam which you can download easily in the ending of this article , so to download the pdf of physics objective questions of NDA just scroll below .

NDA Physics MCQs pdf will help you to understand the type of questions asked in the exam along with the level of the questions also you will get to known about your weak points and the sections which you need to work more . The physics multiple choice questions with answers pdf for NDA is prepared by experts as per the latest previous year questions paper of NDA so you can follow them easily for your preparation without worrying about anything . So what you are waiting for just scroll down to download the pdf and score the maximum marks in physics section of general ability test .

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NDA General Ability Test Physics Syllabus:

The list of topics which you need to prepare for you physics section of general ability test of NDA are :

  1. Physical Properties and States of Matter
  2. Modes of transference of Heat
  3. Mass, Weight, Volume, Sound waves and their properties
  4. Simple musical instruments
  5. Rectilinear propagation of Light
  6. Density and Specific Gravity
  7. Reflection and refraction
  8. Principle of Archimedes
  9. Spherical mirrors and Lenses
  10. Pressure Barometer
  11. Human Eye
  12. Motion of objects
  13. Natural and Artificial Magnets
  14. Velocity and Acceleration
  15. Properties of a Magnet
  16. Newton’s Laws of Motion
  17. Earth as a Magnet
  18. Force and Momentum
  19. Static and Current Electricity
  20. Parallelogram of Forces
  21. Conductors and Non-conductors
  22. Stability and Equilibrium of bodies
  23. Ohm’s Law
  24. Gravitation
  25. Simple Electrical Circuits
  26. Elementary ideas of work
  27. Heating, Lighting, and Magnetic effects of Current
  28. Power and Energy
  29. Measurement of Electrical Power
  30. Effects of Heat
  31. Primary and Secondary Cells
  32. Measurement of Temperature and Heat
  33. Use of X-Rays
  34. General Principles in the working of Simple Pendulum, Simple Pulleys, Siphon, Levers, Balloon, Pumps, Hydrometer, Pressure Cooker, Thermos Flask, Gramophone, Telegraphs, Telephone, Periscope, Telescope, Microscope, Mariner’s Compass; Lightning Conductors, Safety Fuses.

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Download NDA Physics MCQs PDF for Practice from below:

Also, Download NDA Chemistry MCQ PDF Download

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Which class of physics is enough to crack the NDA?

In NDA exam paper-2 general ability test in which Physics, Chemistry and Biology constitute nearly 200 marks. Now a lot of student have a doubt that which level of physics is asked in the paper and sufficient to score good marks in Physics section of nda paper-2. So as we can look at the previous year question paper of nda and their syllabus we can consider that physics of class-9 to class-12 is Sufficient for your preparation, you just need basic level of physics which you study during your class 9 to class 12 and practice of question.

Which chapters are super important in physics NDA to study? 

The most important chapters and topic through which their is a very high chance of asking question in nda general ability test are as follow :
1.optics :
Important topics in optics are –
Nature of images in concave/convex mirror/lens
Defects in eyes and its cure
Mirrior and lens formula
Basic theory like refraction,total internal reflection
Microscope and telescope (basically no.of lenses used in them and their focal lengths)
2.gravitation : Important topics in optics are –
Newton’s gravitational law
Acceleration due to gravity formula
3.current electricity : Important topics in optics are –
Ohm’s law
Factors affecting resistance
Power and heat related basic formulae
4 . Diifferent Scales used to measure temperature .

Above are topic which are highly important , but if you have time then you must cover whole syllabus of physics to get the maximum marks in gat physics section .

Is it compulsory to take physics for the NDA?

If you want to join Indian Navy or Air force and pass out as a top class commissioned officer then it is compulsory for you to take physics. Moreover Physics and maths is compulsory if you wanted to join NDA as navy or air force cadet while if you want to join only Army then physics is not compulsory, it is optional for you and depends on your choice .
Also remember if you have taken science and cleared NDA, post your Training you will having Bachelor and master’s degree in science

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