NDA Previous Year Question Papers with solution PDF Download [2009-2023]

Here you will get NDA Previous year question papers with answer pdf to download for free. In this blog you will get past 13 years NDA (National defense exam) question paper along with their solution which you can download from below easily without login and any other issue. The previous year questions paper of NDA is in English and Hindi language.

NDA previous year’s question paper is one of the most important study materials. The NDA exam is conducted twice every year by UPSC for students who are looking to take admission to the Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the NDA (National defense academy).

NDA written exam is consisting of two paper Mathematics and General ability test in which Multiple choice questions are asked. The written exam is conducted offline and the exam qualified student needs to appear for SSB interview for final selection.

Previous NDA previous year question papers with solution PDF Download [2012-2023]
NDA previous year question papers with solution PDF Download [2012-2023]

The Questions asked in the NDA exam is of class-9 to class-12th level. So, those who wants to qualify the NDA exam should focus on these classes topics and syllabus in details.

Once you clear the cutoff of written exam of NDA, then you will call for SSB interview round. SSB interview is a 5-day procedure in which various test in conducted and those who qualify them will be finally selected for admission. You can check SSB interview details.

NDA previous year question papers with answers pdf download :

NDA previous year question paper have various benefits in preparation, such as it will help you to understand the type of questions, question pattern and difficulty level of questions that you will face in the exam. Lets us discuss the exam pattern of NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math & GAT (General ability test) paper by analyzing the previous year question paper.

NDA Math Question paper is consist of total 120 Multiple choice questions having one correct option. The total marks of the question are 300 and every question carry equal marks, according to which for every correct answer you will get 2.5 marks. There is a negative marking for incorrect answer, 1/3rd (0.83) marks will be deducted for every incorrect answer, whereas for unattempted questions there is no penalty or deduction of marks. For detail analysis of previous year question paper, you can read below.

In NDA GAT Question paper, total 150 Objective questions are asked, and the total paper is of 600 marks. Each of the question carry equal weightage. For every correct answer you will be given 4 marks and similarly here is also a negative marking of 1/3rd (1.33) marks for incorrect answers and no penalty for attempted questions.

So, NDA written exam is conducted of total 900 marks and in general you need to get at least 50% of total marks to qualify the cutoff of NDA written exam. For each paper you will get 2.5 hour and both the paper exam is conducted in two slot in a single day.

NDA Previous year questions paper pdf download :

Below, we have provided the Math & GAT previous year question paper for NDA-I & NDA-2 in pdf format via Google Drive link along with their answers which you download easily, Also you can check the analysis of question paper below.

NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math previous year question paper pdf with solution:

YearNDA-I & NDA-II Question paperAnswers
2009NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon
2010NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon
2011NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon
2012NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon
2013NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon
2014NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon
2015NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon
2016NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon
2017NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon
2018NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon
2019NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon
2020NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon
2021NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon
2022NDA-1 & NDA-2 Math questionComing soon

On analyzing the NDA Math previous year question paper, we found that questions are generally asked from unit like Calculus, Quadratic equation, Trigonometry etc. Out of the these units and chapters, important chapters from which every year questions are asked in NDA Math exam are Logarithms, Set Theory (4-6 Questions every year), Complex Number, Quadratic Equations, Probability, Trigonometric Ratios, Identities and Equations, Statistics etc. These are few most important chapters for NDA Math exam whose questions are generally asked every year in NDA.

NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT (General ability test) previous year question paper pdf with solution:

YearNDA-I & NDA-II Question paperAnswers
2009NDA-1 & NDA-2 gat questionComing soon
2010NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT questionComing soon
2011NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT questionComing soon
2012NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT questionComing soon
2013NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT questionComing soon
2014NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT questionComing soon
2015NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT questionComing soon
2016NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT questionComing soon
2017NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT questionComing soon
2018NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT questionComing soon
2019NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT questionComing soon
2020NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT questionComing soon
2021NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT questionComing soon
2022NDA-1 & NDA-2 GAT questionComing soon

NDA GAT (General ability test) exam is divided into two part. Part-A in which questions are asked from English, and it consists of 50 questions whereas in part-B 100 questions are asked from general awareness science (Physics, chemistry, biology), SSC (History, polity, geography & economics) and general knowledge (GK) divided into static Gk and current affairs.

Upon analyzing the previous year question paper of NDA GAT exam, we found that around 25 questions are asked from physics, 15 question from chemistry, 10 questions from current affairs, 40 questions from general awareness social science and 10 questions from general science.

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Conclusion :

Hope this blog helped you in getting the last 10-year previous question paper of NDA-1 and NDA-2. Previous question paper is one of the most important study material for preparation, sometimes questions are repeated from past year question paper and solving previous year question paper will help you to solve those questions quickly and effectively. You can also do your own analysis of previous year question paper for better understanding of the exam.

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