Complete Guide for (TAT) Thematic Apperception Test in SSB 2023

SSB TAT is psychology test , whose tips and tricks , complete guide , process of conducting of TAT by SSB and suitable & best way to write story in SSB interview is given in this blog . Below you will get the complete Guide for ssb TAT ( Thematic apperception test ) for your interview round as per the latest way of conducting by SSB .

Candidates who wanted to join Indian armed forces as a officers can be go through different exams like NDA , CDS , AFCAT etc but one think in which all of them are common is interview round conducted by SSB in case of NDA , CDS and AFSB in case of AFCAT, in which various test are conducted like TAT , PPDT to check the officer like Qualities ( OLQs) in the candidates .

Complete Guide for (TAT) Thematic Apperception Test in SSB

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is conducted on the Day-2 of the second stage of the SSB interview procedure. It is a part of psychology test conducted by SSB which includes test like WAT , SDT , SRT etc to check the officer like qualities in the candidates. It is conducted to bring out the real personality of the candidates, which is revealed by the candidate’s interpretation of stories through which the positive and negative qualities of the candidate have been emerged.

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What is Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) in SSB ?

The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is a visually instructional narrative method where the participant is shown a series of pictures that have a vague resemblance to real-world objects. Then, he is asked to narrate a story linking all the images and using them as input to the narrative. This method is used to calculate a person’s ability at interpretation and construction of reality.

Process of TAT in SSB :

The TAT involves the picture projection and story writing depends on the picture shown. Totally 12 (11 1 + ) pictures are shown, where ‘11’ pictures are with a theme and characters from which the candidates make a story and the ‘12th’ or last one is a blank picture, where the candidate should imagine a story. The picture consists of one or more than one person. The blank picture is usually shown in the last.

The pictures are displayed for 30 seconds and the candidate is given 4 minutes to write a story about the picture seen. It is continued for all the 12 pictures.

Preparation strategy for TAT in SSB :

Following tips are very useful as well as crucial to attempt TAT successfully :

  • Practicing the story writing keeping in front some picture is advisable for the candidates who have cleared the screening test.
  • In the test room, when the picture is shown, it is very essential to observe the picture attentively and make out the objects and characters shown. Also, keep in mind that the picture is displayed for only 30 seconds.
  • It is good to be calm, positive for looking at the picture and perceive the theme to write a story.
  • It should be kept in the mind that the picture centres around a person usually a hero or a heroine through which the action of the story is shown and your story is reflected through the description of the hero and a story.
  • If you are not able to finish the story within the given 4 minutes, then pass on to the next picture shown, so that you do not miss the subsequent picture.
  • When it comes to the last blank picture, it is advisable to write the story based on the theme of the immediately preceding picture to make the story more natural and real.

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How to TAT Story in SSB?

There are few things that every one must remember or applied while writing their story in SSB TAT test .The story your write must be in past tense and the story must be realistic , positive and sound mature .Not only the story but the way of writing also matter so you must write the story in a neat and clear handwriting so that it will be easy to understand .
In the story there is no need to write the moral or advice at the end . Don’t add any problem from your own thinking , if problem is not shown in the picture. Also not try to waste time by describing what is happening in the picture because this is what you have done in your PPDT test on DAY-1 of SSB interview procedure .

How to Improve in TAT SSB ?

To imagine and perceive adequately in TAT, one needs to understand the situation first. Situation itself depicts whether it requires reactionary concept or visionary one. The question is not only limited to write the story, but also to react on a story. When a picture is shown, the candidate must analyse the following aspects :
It is important to understand the background (Rural, Urban, Plain, Mountain etc), the current location and the current action going on in picture.
The next step is the identification of hero which should be clearer. He should be identified with age, sex and name.
Based on the analysis, the candidate decides the central idea of the story.
Lastly the story to be written should have these important things like identification of the task, management of crisis and outcome or result.

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