150 WAT Words Asked in SSB interview You must practice 2023

In this blog you will get to know about complete details of SSB Word Association test ( WAT ) and get 150 latest WAT words along with answer of some to practice for our SSB interview . WAT in SSB is one of the psychology test such as TAT , SRT etc. Below in this blog we have provided important WAT Words which candidates can use to practice as per the process of WAT in SSB .

The Word Association Test is a common method within psychology which has been used to reveal the personal world of an individual. The test reveals the candidate’s verbal memories, thought processes, emotional states and personalities. Through this process, psychologists examine the nature and probabilities of the response words and sometimes the amount of time it takes to respond. This test was devised by a famous psychologist to reveal the person’s reality and autonomy of unconscious complexes.

150 WAT words Asked in SSB interview you must practice 2023

TAT (Thematic Apperception test ), WAT (Word association test), SRT ( Situation reaction test), and SDT (Self description test) are the psychological tests conducted by SSB that confirm the OLQs (Officer Like Qualities) in you. These are further confirmed by the Interviewing officer and the GTO in their own ways. The interview round is one of the important round after qualifying the written exams of defence exams such as NDA , CDS , AFCAT etc

What is WAT ?

WAT is a projective technique in which the individual is presented with a list of words one at a time and asked to respond with the first idea/thought that comes to his mind. This test is also known as idea writing test. WAT is a one of the psychology test in 5 day procedure of SSB conducted in stage-2 of interview round.

It is a test of personality and mental function in which the candidate is required to respond to the words shown. These words can be used in any form, i.e. the word ‘awoke’ can be used as awaken and awakening.

Process/ Instruction of WAT in SSB :

  1. In WAT conducted by SSB , candidates are shown a total of 60 words.
  2. All the 60 words are shown one after the other.
  3. Each word is shown to the candidates for 15 seconds.
  4. During this 15 seconds the candidate has to read and understand the word,
  5. think about an idea or a meaningful sentence and write it down.
  6. The meaningful sentence to the word should be written in a booklet
  7. provided for the purpose by SSB.
  8. Out of 60 words at least 45 has to be attempted.

150 WAT words Asked in SSB interview :

Below are some SSB WAT words whose answer are given to understand the way or writing the sentence after that Below them you will get more words in which answer in not given for your practice

  1. Fear – Fear encourages you to be bold enough the next time you face something scary.
  2. Money- Money should be saved and used carefully.
  3. Worry- When you are worried, basically you have a thought forthe future.
  4. Effort- My effort should not go in vain.
  5. Purpose- The allegations made on her were done purposely.
  6. Intention- It was their intention to reform.
  7. Traffic- Sanjay was stuck in a heavy traffic.
  8. Afraid- Brave persons are never afraid of the situations.
  9. Compel- We should not be compelled by worse situations.
  10. Courage- Anil fought his illness with great courage.
  11. Determination- Some people succeed because of sheer grit and determination.
  12. Discussion- In discussion positive points should be highlighted.
  13. Daring- Mountaineers are daring by nature.
  14. Damage- Earthquake caused serious damage.
  15. Eager- Raju was eager to see his results.
  16. Earn- We have to work to earn money.
  17. Easy- Work hard to get good marks easily.
  18. Echo- It echoed while he shouted.
  19. Effect- Long term effects are seen in the following rules.
  20. Elaborate- History is an elaborate subject.
  21. Elder- My elder brother is a historian.
  22. Fabulous- We have a fabulous history.
  23. Facility- New medical facility is available in the camp.
  24. Friends- My friends are honest.
  25. Faithful- Be faithful to parents.
  26. Honesty- Honesty is the best virtue.
  27. Honour- Honesty should be honoured.
  28. Ignore- Honest persons should not be ignored.
  29. Inspection- Inspection is necessary for the improvement of official works.
  30. Impossible- Nothing is impossible if it is planned well.
  1. Jump
  2. Lack
  3. Modern
  4. Meeting
  5. Obedience
  6. Orders
  7. Poor
  8. Pilot
  9. Patriotism
  10. Primary
  11. Performance
  12. Pity
  13. Quick
  14. Quiet
  16. Question
  17. Regular
  18. Rules
  19. Rights
  20. Ragging
  21. Rust
  22. Sincere
  23. Sacrifice
  24. Trust
  25. Try
  26. Unity
  27. Urge
  28. Value
  29. Venomous
  30. Welcome
  1. Agree
  2. Beautiful
  3. Careful
  4. Confuse
  5. Carry
  6. Cheat
  7. Defeat
  8. Complete
  9. Crowd
  10. Dream
  11. Drown
  12. Drainage
  13. Avoid
  14. Opposition
  15. Holy
  16. Accessible
  17. Together
  18. Mob
  19. Break
  20. Extra
  21. Waste
  22. Great
  23. Opinion
  24. Affection
  25. Confident
  26. Build
  27. Organise
  28. Guns
  29. Sincere
  30. Charming
  31. Execute
  32. Reason
  33. Visit
  34. Camp
  35. Favourable
  36. Operation
  37. Recover
  38. Disturb
  39. Unfavourable
  40. Group
  41. Sea
  42. Pirate
  43. Explanation
  44. Rude
  45. Heavy
  46. Rare
  47. Gratitude
  48. Justice
  49. Equality
  50. Loyal
  51. Serve
  52. Integrity
  53. Polite
  54. Knowledge
  55. Anxious
  56. Team
  57. Citizens
  58. Forceful
  59. Strict
  60. Obstacles
  61. Ache
  62. Battle
  63. Bath
  64. Village
  65. Flood
  66. Global
  67. Conflict
  68. Ban
  69. Vehicle
  70. Wild
  71. Drug
  72. Critical
  73. Rural
  74. Low
  75. Credit
  76. Trip
  77. Gap
  78. Tea
  79. Curb
  80. Cooperate
  81. Hike
  82. War
  83. Normal
  84. Challenge
  85. Serving
  86. Bane
  87. Rapid
  88. Remove
  89. Relation
  90. Favour

Other SSB interview test :

How to Write Sentences in WAT?

Word Association Test is one of the psychological test conducted by SSB in Stage-2 of their interview round . Candidates can write the sentences of two ways as follow:
Positive Word Sentence: Write sentence starting with the original word followed by the word showing the role in positive sense, and finally followed by other words doing something positive.
Negative Word Sentence: There will be negative words in the exam. They are to check your thinking capabilities on seeing negative words. When your reaction to a negative word is positive, it will be easy for you to make a sentence from a word. Form a positive idea from a negative word like from word Defeat we can make a negative sentence like , A winner defeat his weakness.
Always remember that make your own unique sentence as far as possible and it should be practical .

How to write WAT in ssb ?

Many of the candidates are in doubt regarding how should they write in Word association test(WAT) of SSB . So every candidates must remember while writing that ,WAT is conducted to know your creative thinking and imaginative ability so try to make your own sentences . Always your sentences be more positive and constructive in approach with practicality. In this test it is keenly observed whether the meaningful sentences are constructed or not, so make logical, meaningful and grammatically correct sentence. To prepare for this test you can learn short and brief quotes and proverbs which can be related to some WAT words.Also candidates may change the grammatical form of the word while using it in a sentence. For example, ‘beauty’ may be used as ‘beautiful’ in a sentence

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