60 SRT question for SSB Interview practice 2022

In this blog you will get latest solved 60 Situation reaction test ( SRT) original situations problems candidates will face in SSB/AFSB/NSB/ICG psychological test SRT . You will also get all the situation reaction for reference below which you use to boost your practice for SRT test of various defence exams like NDA , CDS , AFCAT etc

60 SRT question for SSB Interview practice 2022
60 SRT question for SSB Interview practice 2022

Situation reaction Test or SRT test of SSB interview is a test to understand the candidates psychology . You must check the complete guide for SRT test which contain all the details of situation reaction test of SSB before practicing the questions given below .In SSB you will get 60 SRT problems to solve in 45 min .

The reaction you give must be short and contain only 1 actions .candidate is required to write only 2 or 3 lines in response to each situation. The response you give must be unique and of your own not scripted or something you learn .The reaction must sound realistic and not filmy and not try to fabricate your reaction because psychologist will catch you very easily. You can join us on telegram from below button

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srt in ssb with answers for practice :

Below are the situation which are in bold letter and having a staring abbreviation of “S ” and reaction with starting abbreviation of “R” is given of every situation, below the situation for reference. its not compulsory to give the same reaction since every one have different mindset so make your own reaction and use below once as a basic way of answering . You can use below SRT questions to practice for your SRT test of SSB interview .

  1. S You are climbing a mountain with your friends, suddenly a friend loses the grip on the rope and falls down. You ……
    R You will get back to search him, rescue him and support to climb the mountain.
  2. S You have to attend the marriage of a friend’s sister in another district tomorrow, suddenly, a friend comes to stay with you to finish his work tomorrow. You ……
    R You will treat your friend well and explain your situation and ask him to stay comfortably at your place and finish the work.
  3. S Tomorrow you have last exam and you are seriously preparing, some relatives come home. You ……
    R You will without stopping your preparation, politely ask excuse from relatives for not joining them and do the same after exam.
  4. S You and your best friend participated in a competition. You gave your best, but your friend got first place and you lost. You ……
    R You will congratulate your friend and accept the plus points of him that made him win.
  5. S You are going to school to give the exam then you see a car in which a girl is trying to escape out of the hold of some men. You ……
    R You will note down the car number and call on the police number and explain the scene you see and give the car number. Then go to school for exam.
  6. S While coming back from a late night show, you saw two men trying to molest a girl. You ……
    R You would immediately call police and try to stop the men from molesting the girl. Thus, by that time police arrived.
  7. S Your two best friends are quarrelling over a religious matter. You ……
    R You will convince them by saying all men are equal and pacify their differences.
  8. S You are an electrician, there is a short circuit at night in the village next to your village, you will get a call to get it repaired. You ……
    R You will reach the village and repair the circuit.
  9. S You observed your friend getting involved in bad habbits like smoking. You ……
    R You would strongly advice him that bad habbits are dangerous to health and would try to bring him out of the bad habbit.
  1. S Your friend is quiet argumentative and rude with his parents and you have come across his behaviour. You ……
    R You will convince your friend about respecting elders and being rude is bad and make him learn politeness.
  2. S You and your other two friends went to a picnic on your cycles. One of your friend’s cycle tyre got punctured. You ……
    R You would take the luggage of him and transfer it to another friend, ask your friend to sit on your cycle and held the punctured cycle and on the way got the tyre repaired.
  3. S You and your friend are jogging in a park, your friend suddenly gets slipped and falls down and unable to get up on his own.
    R You will give your friend a helping hand and take him to a nearby doctor for further treatment.
  4. S His colleague wanted to borrow some money when he himself needed it most. He ……
    R Arranged money for his relatives from other sources.
  5. S When his close relations refused to help him financially. He ……
    R He borrowed money from his friends and thanked them.
  6. S He found that his father differs on what he should do. He ……
    R Persuaded his father giving the merits/demerits of his action and convinced his father.
  7. S While travelling by train he noticed that he forgot to carry his railway ticket. He ……
    R Got the fresh ticket from the TTE in the train by giving fine.
  8. S While he was studying in school his father died leaving behind his brother and sister. He ……
    R Completed his studies and took responsibilities for his siblings.
  9. S While carrying out his duties in Nagaland he lost his route and he had no supply of food available for 48 hours. He ……
    R Found the route using route map/compass.
  10. S While going by a boat, he found that boat had developed a leak or hole when water started coming. He ……
    R He plugged the leak with cloth, threw the water by bucket and continue rowing.
  11. S Your village head has received a threatening call from dacoits demanding ransome.
    R You will inform the police first and encourage the villagers to support police fighting against dacoits.
  12. S You are in a bus and realise that someone has left his/her wallet.
    R You will find contact number from the things available in the wallet and hand it over to the owner.
  1. S While travelling in a train, you observe some college students pulling the alarm chain simply to get down at their desired point.
    R You will take the help of co-passengers and stop the boys from doing so.
  2. S You are a team leader and next day you have a match one of the player is ill and absent.
    R You will take another player who is best and asking him to cooperate by practicing today to win in tomorrow’s match.
  3. S You are in love with a girl and promised her to marry but your parents are against to it.
    R You will convince your parents and marry the girl of your choice.
  4. S He is a busy person but when he is free.
    R He will like to read books, newspapers, play games and do social work.
  5. S He did not understand the mathematical problem, solved by his teacher today.
    R He took the help of his father and found the easy method to solve the problem and shared it with teacher.
  6. S While he returned, the river was in full sport, but he had to go home urgently.
    R He would take an alternative means like a boat and would reach home.
  7. S His father got transferred to far off place, he was not happy.
    R He had to leave behind his close friends.
  8. S All of a sudden in the midnight, he saw outside that fire was set to a house opposite to yours.
    R First and foremost he called the fire station and then awakened the others to take their help to put off the fire.
  9. S He was new in the college and seniors started to rag him.
    R He would politely ask them not to do so and tell if it continued, he would complain to the college authorities.
  10. S He does not drink alcohol, his friends insist him to do so.
    R He will politely refuse to drink and convince them not to force him.
  11. S His captain was injured before an important match. He was asked to lead the team.
    R He took the responsibility of leading the team and played the match successfully.
  12. S His sister’s marriage date is getting near. Someone on whom he was depended for money, denied to give money due to his personal problem.
    R He applied for the personal loan in bank and performed the marriage and asked his friend to never mind the situation.
  13. S The war front is imminent. His troop men started to feel uneasy due to food poisoning.
    R He along with others, who did not suffer with food poisoning led the war front.
  1. S He saw a snake entering into someone’s house.
    R He took a stick and started to beat it and alarmed the people inside the house.
  2. S He saw four school children in uniform outside the building during school hours.
    R He took them to the headmistress and explained the situation.
  3. S While on the road to reach home he saw the public water tap was leaking.
    R He tried to stop the leakage and also complained the municipality.
  4. S He was returning from the work in the night and saw the street light was off as there was no bulb.
    R He informed the municipality regarding the emergency of street light and got it repaired.
  5. S After some years when he went back to his village, he saw that there was no school and children had to travel more than 3 kilometres for a school.
    R He wrote to the Education Ministry, explaining the need of the school in your village and was successful in getting a school being constructed.
  6. S He saw a person searching for a address of someone on the road, but the person looked suspicious.
    R He took the help of someone to help the person find the address.
  7. S When he opened the box he saw broken pieces were packed he has purchased in the shop.
    R He immediately went along with the pack to the shopkeeper and returned the box.
  8. S Tomorrow you have exams and got fever today.
    R You will take medicine, get relaxed and when feel comfortable, refer important points.
  9. S His batchmate in army training is feeling homesick but not able to take leaves.
    R He with other fellows helps him to come out of the homesickness.
  10. S In terror attacks, few soldiers were badly injured.
    R He as a soldier did first aid to the injured soldiers and filled courage and
    appreciated their bravery and then took to army hospital.
  11. S Your brother is falsely accused of ragging.
    R As your brother is innocent, you will fight until he is proved innocent.
  12. S He had an argument with his friend, the previous day. But found later his point was right.
    R He went to his friend and said sorry first and accepted that he was right.
  13. S Your joke was unintentional and your friend was angry for that.
    R You would convince that your joke was not meant to hurt him.
  1. S While returning from the market, two persons snatched your purse and ran away.
    R You would call the police immediately and shouted for the help and followed the thieves.
  2. S You are working under two captains who blame each other.
    R You will keep quiet and do not share their differences instead try to build friendship.
  3. S An aeroplane crashed near your army camp.
    R You would take the help of your battalion and helped the people who were injured.
  4. S In an angry mood, your best friend slapped you.
    R You would not say any word instead, gave him sometime to calm down.
  5. S The food supplied to your camp premises, is of poor quality.
    R You would complain the concerned authority and asked for the improvement.
  6. S Your captain assigns a job in which you are not interested.
    R Still you will complete the work with same zeal.
  7. S You are on the way to examination hall and suddenly realise you have forgotten hall ticket.
    R You will ask the permission from principal, to set duplicate hall ticket.
  8. S You and your friends are boarding the train but train moves and friend stays back on the platform.
    R You will pull the chain to stop the train and pay the fine for doing so.
  9. S You are forced to vote for the candidate of not your choice.
    R You will vote only for the candidate of your choice.
  10. S You are offered a handsome bribe to move the file in the office to the head.
    R You will not accept the bribe instead work as per the rules.
  11. S While you are driving, you hit an old person, but you are not guilty as you are not wrong.
    R You will take the old man to the hospital and get him treated.
  12. S Heavy rains spoiled the crops in your village.
    R You would request the government to distribute food grains on subsidised rates.
  13. S You went to a mall, suddenly there was a gun firing by terrorist.
    R You would lie down as if you were dead and called the police hiding yourself.

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