5 Days SSB Interview Procedure PDF Download 2023

Are you looking for 5 days SSB interview procedure ? Every year candidates who qualified written NDA or CDS exam need to appear in SSB interview which included various test for which candidates must prepare earlier in order to get a edge from others . The details of SSB interview which is consist of 5 days procedure is provided in the blog below .

This blog post is a humble attempt to bring forth a comprehensive study material for the candidates preparing for SSB Interview or wanted information regarding SSB interview round of NDA , CDS.

5 days ssb interview procedure pdf
5 days ssb interview procedure pdf

UPSC conducts NDA/CDS examination, twice every year for the selection in Indian Armed Forces i.e. Army, Navy and Air Force. The selection process includes a written exam and personality test conducted by the Service Selection Board (SSB). After the final selection, the candidates are sent to one of the following institutes for orientation training.

SSB Interview Testing Procedure of NDA & CDS:

There are various test in SSB interview like Screening Test where verbal and non-verbal tests are discussed elaborately along with the Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PP & DT). The subsequent section covers all psychological tests viz, Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT) Situation Reaction Test (SRT) and Self Description (SD) with clearly demonstrated pictures and stories along with appropriate tips on how to attempt this section. The section on Group Task Series deals with Group Discussion, Group Planning Exercise, Progressive Group Task,etc.

The Screening Test and Psychological tests are the written tests, which are conducted by SSB. The screening test is conducted on the first day to short list the candidates. Only those who qualify the test are allowed to undergo other tests namely intelligence, psychological, and GTO’s tests followed by the Interview. The book also provides insight into the techniques of Lecturette and Conference.

Various test in SSB interview :

There are various test conducted in SSB interview of CDS and NDA divided into screening test , PSYCHOLOGICAL test & group testing officer task . The various test under above section are given below :

List of Screening test in SSB :

  • Intelligence Test (Non-Verbal)
  • Intelligence Test ( Verbal)
  • Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PP & DT)

List of Psychological test in SSB :

  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).
  • Word Association Test (WAT)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Self-Description Test( SDT)

List of group testing officer task in SSB :

  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
  • Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • Group Obstacle Race (GOR)
  • Half Group Task (HGT)
  • Lecturette
  • Individual Obstacles (IO)
  • Command Task (CT)
  • Final Group Task (FGT)

SSB Interview 5 day Procedure in details :

The details of test in SSB interview and SSB 5 day procedure for final selection is given below :

SSB 5 day procedure – DAY-1 SCREENING TESTING :

On the first day SSB interview candidates have to give screening test whose details are given below :

  • Intelligence Test– Intelligence test (verbal and non-verbal) are similar to Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test, normally conducted in any admission/entrance exam. These tests include grammar, verbal analogies, synonyms, antonyms, meaning of words, idioms and structure of the language, critical reasoning, verbal deductions. Non-verbal Intelligence test include a series of patterns and figures. You have to identify the pattern and choose the right option from the given answers.
  • Picture Perception and Description Test– After the Intelligence test, candidates have to go through PP and DT (Picture Perception and Description Test). In this test, candidates are shown a picture and asked to write a short story based on their perception of the picture. After that, candidates are made to sit in a group and asked to narrate the story one by one. After all the candidates have finished narrating their story, the group is expected to discuss and arrive at one common story. Once all candidates have undergone through screening test the result of test is declared. Qualified candidates are retained for Stage 2 testing and others are allowed to return home on the same day.


On the second day, candidates are put through Psychological tests. It includes :

  • Word Association Test (WAT)– In this test, candidates are shown 60 words one after the other and are expected to make a short sentence using the word shown.
  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)– In this test, candidates will be shown 12 pictures and he/she has to write a short story based on these pictures.
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)– In this test, certain situations are described and the candidates response for the situation will be judged.
  • Self Description (SD)– In this test, candidates have to write about himself on the given questionary.

NOTE – Immediately after the psychological tests on the second day, the interviews start. The batch is divided into groups and depending upon batch size, some candidates may have interview on third and fourth day also. They are normally conducted in the afternoon by the interviewing officer. You will be interviewed only once and will be informed about it in advance. The atmosphere throughout the interview is relaxed and informal. The questions are generally based on your everyday experience.


It begins with third day. Group Testing Officer (GTO) conducts this task. Before proceeding towards the conducting of task, GTO gives the general guidelines and modalities to conduct the task. Tests that are conducted on this day are following :

  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
  • Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • Group Obstacle Race (GOR)
  • Lecturette
  • Half Group Task (HGT)

SSB 5 day procedure – DAY-4 REMAINING GROUP TESTS :

Remaining group test these are conducted on fourth day.It includes :

  • Command Task (CT)
  • Final Group Task (FGT)
  • Individual Obstacles (IO) In this task, candidates go over 10 obstacles singularly in 3 minutes.

SSB 5 day procedure – DAY-5 CONFERENCE PROCEDURE :

At the Last day of SSB interview , Final Board Conference is held and results are announced, the details are :

  • Conference– Each candidate has to appear before the entire board in the conference room. Candidates are called one by one and board asks few general questions.
  • Result– After the conference, results are announced by afternoon and candidates who are not recommended are allowed to leave on the same day.

NOTE: Successful candidates are asked to stay for medical examination which takes 4 to 5 days. Those who fail in the medicals, can appeal to the nearest military hospital within 45 days.

NDA study materials you can check :

Last words :

These are the 5 day procedure of SSB interview for final selection of candidates who are qualified written exams of CDS or NDA . The details of SSB interview procedure provided above is prepared by experts as per the candidates who have qualified or attempt SSB interview .You can also comment your doubt below , Thanks for visiting our blog .

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