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CDS Exam preparation book pdf free download is one of the major demand of every aspirant preparing for combined defense exam (CDS). CDS exam is conducted twice every year for IMA (Indian Military Academy), INA (Indian Naval Academy), AFA (Indian Air Force Academy) & OTA (Officer’s Training Academy) by UPSC, conducting body of CDS exam.

For preparing for UPSC CDS exam candidates look for Best book for CDS exam preparation pdf, CDS exam syllabus, CDS exam handwritten notes, CDS exam practice paper, previous year question paper of CDS exam and many more study materials for CDS. Keeping in mind the need of candidates and our expertise, knowledge we have provided here the detailed regarding CDS preparation books pdf, syllabus, notes and other study materials.

CDS preparation books pdf free Download 2022

Ndabooks is dedicated to provide valuable information, study materials & knowledge regarding CDS, NDA and various defense exams. If we look at the CDS exam syllabus, we found that in CDS exam there are 3 sections (English, general knowledge and math) in IMA, INA & AFA and 2 section (English, general knowledge) in OTA, each section carry of 100 marks and have negative marking. Therefore, candidates who are preparing for CDS need to choose a book which provide the best quality knowledge of all these sections.


There are a various book in the market but choosing the right book is one of the most difficult task. Moreover there is always a doubt in the mind of candidates that they should follow a single book or multiple books for the preparation of their CDS exam. According to various expert teachers as well as us one can follow multiple books for practicing questions where as if you have to build knowledge and basic concept of chapters then you should use single book because following multiple books for the concept will make you confused because of difference language and difference style of explanation.

Arihant CDS Pathfinder book pdf is among one of the best book for preparation of your CDS exam which is recommended by every expert teachers and followed by the toppers to get good marks in their CDS exam. Arihant Pathfinder book is a complete package which consist of complete syllabus of CDS exam and follow latest CDS exam pattern declared by UPSC, it consists of many chapter wise practice questions, previous year question papers and practice sample paper for your CDS exam. The book also consist of to the point chapter wise theory which you can use to build your concept of every chapter.

However, one can follow many others book also for practicing questions like RS Aggarwal mathematics for CDS book, Rs Aggarwal quantitative aptitude for competitive exam etc, For math section. For general knowledge or general awareness you can use Arihant general awareness by Manohar Pandey, daily newspaper, Manorama yearbooks etc. For English one can use Arihant objective general English by SP Bakshi, word power made easy by Norman Lewis etc.

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What are the best books for preparing for the CDS exam?

To choose the best books to start the CDS Exam preparation, one need to first analyze the past year question paper for GK, English & math section depending upon the branch you are preparing for and try to find out pattern.

So now let us look at the section wise best study materials for CDS exam preparation, for English section you can start reading newspaper daily, like the Hindu, which will help you to learn new words and add words in your vocabulary. Reading newspaper not only help you in your English section but also in General knowledge (Current affairs) section of your CDS exam. It is recommended to just give 1 hour only in reading newspaper. Now for practice question of English you can use Arihant CDS pathinder book which consist of chapter wise questions and complete section practice paper.

In General knowledge section consist questions from SSC (History, geography, economics & polity), Science and current affairs. For general history, geography, economics you can use class 11th and 12th NCERT book for theory and pathfinder book for practicing questions, for polity you can use M lakshmikant initial important chapters to build your concept. One can prepare for general science with help of class 9th & 10th NCERT Science book and use pathfinder book, previous year question paper for practicing question.

For math section, one can use the RS aggarwal quantitative aptitude book for competitive exam which contain a lot of chapter wise practice questions and good amount of theory for building concept. Along with Rs aggarwal you can also use CDS Pathfinder book for practicing question and understanding type of questions asked in your exam.

Last words :

Choosing the right book is a tricky part and whatever book you are choosing must meet some basic criteria like it must be updated and follows the latest CDS exam pattern, it should contain previous year question paper of CDS exam, it is totally based on CDS exam syllabus and contain a good amount of practice questions. If the book follow these requirements, then it can be chosen for your CDS exam preparation. Hope so you like this blog, if you have any doubt please let us know in the comment.

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