Arihant CDS Pathfinder PDF Download 2023

Arihant CDS Pathfinder Book PDF:- Having good books in your preparation, increases your chances of success in CDS 2023, and if you are confused now that which books are good or bad for you then read this complete where we mentioned some points regarding how to choose the best books for your exam and also we provide an Arihant CDS Pathfinder Book PDF that is an amazing book and loved by lots of students.

If you are CDS aspirant and looking for a book that meets your requirement of summarized notes and enough unsolved & solved problems for practice, then you should definitely go through this Arihant Pathfinder CDS Book, we all are already familiar with the content quality of Arihant Publication, they never upset us. So if you are thinking about this book then undoubtedly carry on your preparation with it.

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Arihant CDS Pathfinder PDF Download 2023
Arihant Pathfinder CDS 2023 PDF Download

In the further section, there is little information given about the book that students should read before including it in the preparation. Also, some frequently asked doubts are cleared below regarding the CDS exam. Follow the post till the end to get valuable information about the Arihant CDS Pathfinder Book.

Little Description of CDS Pathfinder Book

Combined Defence Service Exam also known as CDS in short, is a popular defence exam at the level of Graduation and those who want to join Defence Field after graduation can turn their dream into reality with this exam. And this preparation journey this Arihant CDS pathfinder will stand with you like a real comrade because it will provide the organized study material such as Chapter-wise summarized notes of all needed subjects, numerous solved and unsolved practice Questions (with answer keys), some last years Questions paper with detailed solution and many more.

It is the complete study material package for CDS 2023, you just have to regularly revise the notes and practice questions as much as you can.

Content Covered in CDS Pathfinder Book

The content covered in this book according to the latest syllabus and exam pattern is divided into small units and further divided into sub-units called chapters. Each Chapter contains summarised notes with practice Questions. If we are more deeply talking about the content then firstly Five Question Papers are solved in detail of the last three years and then there are 4 major units as Mathematics, General English, General Science, and General Science.

In the chapters of each major unit, separated chapter-wise previous year Questions, as well as self-practice Questions, are available with some solved examples. Also, Answer keys and explanations are attached at the end section of each chapter.

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Arihant CDS Pathfinder PDF Download 2023

Download one of the best CDS Preparation book, the Arihant Pathfinder CDS Book PDF from below through the given button:-

NOTE : – If you need any help regarding your exam, preparation, or demand of e-books, video lectures, syllabus etc then let us know 📌 in the Comment Section below. 

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How to choose the Best CDS Preparation Books?

There are some key points mentioned below that every student should keep in their while choosing the best books for CDS exam preparation because great books make the preparation very easy and show the path to success. Follow the points which are:-

  • Point 01: Check the Publication first and the content Quality.
  • Point 02: Check whether the book is updated or not.
  • Point 03: The book should thoroughly cover the Latest Syllabus of the CDS Exam.
  • Point 04: The Language medium of the book should be in Hindi or English (Student Choose according to their preference)
  • Point 05: Books should contain solved and unsolved problems for practice.
  • Point 06: Before buying a hard copy, read reviews online or ask someone (who belongs to this field)

Can we crack the CDS exam in one and a half months with Pathfinder?

One and a half months is enough time to crack CDS 2023 if your basics are not poor and have an idea about the syllabus content & exam pattern. Arihant Pathfinder CDS book is a complete package where you will get almost study materials regarding each subject that are required for CDS you just have to study or revise the summarized notes and regularly practice the given questions. But if you are a weaker student regularly follow the classes on Youtube or anywhere offline along with the above tips. One more thing don’t forget to solve the previous year Questions papers, it will provide you necessary data and enhance your confidence, speed with accuracy, etc.

Click here for CDS Previous Year Questions papers with Solutions.


We are very happy to share the best CDS preparation book with you and hope you have not faced any difficulty in downloading the Book from above. This book is amazing for practicing problems and getting the aspected result, every student should include this book in their preparation for CDS 2023 exam. If you have any doubts regarding your preparation or this post then do comment below and share this post with your friends. Best of Luck!

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