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The SSB interview for CDS, NDA, AFCAT, and other similar defense exams are almost the same. They check your mental capability of Solving any problem, presence of mind, thinking capacity, way of delivering your speech etc. A personal Interview is an activity that enables the Interviewing Officer (IO) to assess the personality of the candidates by posing general and technical questions. Many Students Asked about it which type of questions asked in the SSB interview, what is the level of those Questions etc.

That’s why here has come up with the Top 100 Questions Asked in SSB Interview . These Questions give you an idea about how and what type of Questions will asked in your SSB interview. So every student should prepare himself well before his SSB Interview. Below all the Top 100 Questions Asked in SSB Interview are listed : –

The candidate will be interviewed by the President, Vice-President, or the interviewing officer of the SSB Board to assess the personality of the candidate in order to know if he or she is having enough officer-like qualities to get into Indian Armed Forces. Personal Interview is one of the deciding factors for defense aspirants after clearing the written exam which finally makes a way to become an officer in the Indian armed forces.

As we are aware of the reopening of SSB centers in this halt situation, firstly, I want to wish safety and all the best for the candidates who will be appearing for it. As I went for a total of 6 SSBs before my graduation, there were several questions asked during the interviews to my other friends and me. Today, I would like to share some of them with you all so as to provide you with the desired questions which might come in your SSB interview too.

Though, the questions were from different areas like self, family, friends, education qualification, co-curricular activities, sports, current affairs, armed forces knowledge, Indian geography, and maps. But I would try to collect as many as possible from them to provide you with a better understanding.

Top 100 Questions Asked in SSB Interview

Let’s see the Top 100 Questions Asked in SSB Interviews –

  • Question 1. What is the meaning of your name?   
  • Question 2. Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses. (Approx 2-5)     
  • Question 3. Why do you want to be a part of the Indian armed forces as an officer?       
  • Question 4. What qualities make you fit for the Indian armed forces?
  • Question 5. How many friends and good friends do you have?
  • Question 6. What qualities do you see in someone before making them your friend?      
  • Question 7. Who is your best friend? Why did you choose him as your best friend, and how do you spend time with him?       
  • Question 8. Can you tell me the name of this plane shown in the calendar? ( there was a calendar on the left wall )     
  • Question 9. Why were you not selected as the head boy of your school?   
  • Question 10. Which is your favorite subject, and why?      
  • Question 11. As all of us have some ideal in our life, may I know yours and why you think he or she is your idol?        
  • Question 12. What is your favorite subject, and why?       
  • Question 13. Which topic do you like the most in mathematics?
  • Question 14. Can you tell me the three uses/significance of trigonometry?
  • Question 15. Tell me the approximate height, length, and width of the room/tiles of the interview room.         
  • Question 16. Can you guess the approximate volume of water in the glass on my table?      
  • Question 17. Tell me any five national and international news.
  • Question 18. What is the South China Sea, and where is it located? Also, tell me its significance.       
  • Question 19. Can you name the states that surround Madhya Pradesh?
  • Question 20. Name the South Indian states.        
  • Question 21. What do you think is the currency used in the region of POK?    
  • Question 22. Tell me something about CPEC. What are the names of the ports it joins?       
  • Question 23. Which oceans do you have to cross if you want to go from India to America through the water bodies route?       
  • Question 24. Who is your favorite singer, and from where does he belong?   
  • Question 25. What type of songs do you like, and which is your favorite?         
  • Question 26. What is the motto of artillery?     
  • Question 27. Do you have fights with your brothers, and if yes, what are the reasons behind the fights?      
  • Question 28. What are the measurements of the basketball court?    
  • Question 29. Tell me something about the place or the locality where do you live.     
  • Question 30. What are the various tourist places in Gwalior?     
  • Question 31. How did you travel to the SSB center? What were the significant stations you found in between, and how did you pass your time on the train?        
  • Question 32. Whenever you go through any problem, who do you concern, or how do you solve it?      
  • Question 33. What are the various competitive exams that you have appeared for, and what were the results in them?    
  • Question 34. As you have failed in some SSBs before, may I know the causes of your failure in previous SSBs, and what have you done this time to avoid them?         
  • Question 35. How do your hobbies impact on your personality?       
  • Question 36. Who is the Chief Editor of Times of India? (As I used to read it)   
  • Question 37. Why do birds not get shocked while sitting on the wires containing high electricity?
  • Question 38. What is your timetable on working days?
  • Question 39. What is your timetable on holiday?
  • Question 40. What types of preparations have you done this time for the SSB?
  • Question 41. How much distance do you run in the morning and in how much time?
  • Question 42. What do you do in your free time?
  • Question 43. How do you spend time with your family, and what activities do you all perform together?
  • Question 44. How do you motivate your friends?
  • Question 45. What places do you visit with your friends during the outing?
  • Question 46. What are the specialties of your school, and what are the lop holes in it?
  • Question 47. What will you do if not recommended this time, or what are your backup options?
  • Question 48. Why have you opted for this particular stream in engineering?
  • Question 49. Which regiment are you willing to join in the Indian Army?
  • Question 50. How have your other tasks gone till now in the current SSB?
  • Question 51. Why do you want to join the army/navy/air force?
  • Question 52. Why do you want to join NDA and not rather enjoy your life in a college and then come through CDS Entry ?
  • Question 53. Which regiment would you want to join and why ?
  • Question 54. Why would we recommend you ?
  • Question 55. What if we don’t recommend you ?
  • Question 56. What if you are recommended and are declared permanently unfit during medical tests?
  • Question 57. What all mistakes have you noticed till now?
  • Question 58. If you are so passionate about the forces, then why did you not join the NCC ?
  • Question 59. Tell me about latest military exercises.
  • Question 60. Tell me about rank hierarchy of all three forces.
  • Question 61. Tell me about latest defence deals and their importance.
  • Question 62. Who are you closest to , in your family?
  • Question 63. When did you have arguments with your  parents?
  • Question 64. How do you spend time with your family?
  • Question 65. With whom you are not so close in your family ?
  • Question 66. Instances where your family has helped you and where you helped your family
  • Question 67. Aspects of your that your parents admire and those that they want you to improve upon?
  • Question 68. Qualities of your parents you admire and those that you want them to improve upon.
  • Question 69. Who is your closest friend and why?
  • Question 70. Who is your not so close friend and why?
  • Question 71. Which attributes of yours do your friends like or dislike ?
  • Question 72. Tell about qualities of your friend(s) you would like to imbibe and and those you would want them to remove?
  • Question 73. When did you have arguments with your friends?
  • Question 74. Which is your favourite subject and why
  • Question 75. Which is your not so favourite subject and why?
  • Question 76. Why did your marks decrease from 10th-12th ?
  • Question 77. What will your teachers tell about you ?
  • Question 78. Tell me your 5 strengths and weaknesses.
  • Question 79. Has there been any instance of your life which shows you are a leader?
  • Question 80. What are you doing to work on your weaknesses?
  • Question 81. Enumerate any instances of your life where you have shown you are courageous.
  • Question 82. Tell me five instances where you have done mischief.
  • Question 83. Tell me about the biggest regret of your life.
  • Question 84. Tell me 5 national and international news.
  • Question 85. Tell me the if you have to go from place X to place Y which all cities/ports will I cross?
  • Question 86. Tell me about India’s relations with country X.
  • Question 87. Tell me about your state/district.
  • Question 88. What all changes would you make if you are made the PM/CM/DM?
  • Question 89. If I come to your city for a trip where all would you take me ?
  • Question 90. How would you organize a sports tournament ?
  • Question 91. Do you have a girlfriend?
  • Question 92. How much pocket money do you get and how do you manage it ?
  • Question 93. Which sport is your favourite and why?
  • Question 94. What is happening in the world of your favourite sports?
  • Question 95. What are the dimensions of the room and how will you calculate it?
  • Question 96. Basic GK like current cabinet appointments.
  • Question 97. What all are your hobbies?
  • Question 98. Explain your relationship with your siblings.
  • Question 99. What inspires you to join the armed forces?
  • Question 100. What is your plan B other than Joining the Indian armed forces?

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