Practice Sentence Improvement Questions for CDS with Answers 2023

Practicing Questions, make your concepts more clear. So, Practice here Sentence Improvement Questions which are prepared for CDS 2023 by our expert faculties.

Below top 50 Important Sentence Improvement Questions are given for practice and also you can match your answers too, because the answers are attached to the end of the post.

Practice Sentence Improvement Questions with Answers

In the questions given below, a part of the sentence is underlined. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case, no improvement is needed, option (d) is the answer.

01. He could not look anything in the dark room.

  1. look at
  2. see
  3. see through
  4. No improvement

02. He was fined for careless driving.

  1. got fined
  2. fined
  3. was to be fined
  4. No improvement

03. We look forward to hear from you.

  1. hearing
  2. have heard
  3. listen
  4. No improvement

04. When the examinations were over Anil and me went to our native town.

  1. me and Anil
  2. Anil and I
  3. I and
  4. No improvement

05. Will you kindly open the knot?

  1. untie
  2. break
  3. loose
  4. No improvement

06. Realising the significance of technical education for developing country, the government laid aside a large sum on it during the last plan-period.

  1. laid up
  2. set aside
  3. laid out
  4. No improvement

07. Other countries have eradicated this disease ten years ago.

  1. eradicated
  2. had eradicated
  3. did eradicated
  4. No improvement

08. We were not the wiser for all this effort to explain the case to us.

  1. none
  2. neither
  3. nevertheless
  4. No improvement

09. If I stood alone in defence of truth, and the whole world is banded against me and against truth. I would fight them all.

  1. will be banded
  2. were banded
  3. banded
  4. No improvement

10. During his long discourse, he did not touch that point.

  1. touch upon
  2. touch on
  3. touch of
  4. No improvement

11. He has not and can never be in the good books of his employer because he lacks honesty.

  1. has not and cannot be
  2. has not and can never been
  3. has not been and can never be
  4. No improvement

12. This matter admits of no excuse.

  1. admits to
  2. admits from
  3. admits
  4. No improvement

13. You have come here with a view to insult me.

  1. to insulting me
  2. of insulting me
  3. for insulting me
  4. No improvement

14. For all powers of reason and understanding, we know a little about life’s secrets.

  1. a little of love secrets
  2. little about life’s secrets
  3. nothing about life’s secrets
  4. No improvement

15. Not a word they spoke to the unfortunate wife about it.

  1. did they speak
  2. they will speak
  3. they had spoken
  4. No improvement

16. More than one person was killed in accident.

  1. were killed
  2. are killed
  3. have been killed
  4. No improvement

17. If he had time, he will call you.

  1. would have
  2. would have had
  3. has
  4. No improvement

18. His powerful desire brought about his downfall.

  1. His intense desire
  2. His desire for power  
  3. His fatal desire
  4. No improvement

19. All, but her, had made an attempt.

  1. All, but she,
  2. All, but herself,
  3. All, but hers,
  4. No improvement

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20. I hope you vividly remember the premier of the film when I, my wife and you were present in the hall.

  1. my wife, I and you
  2. you, I and my wife
  3. my wife, you and I
  4. No improvement

21. With a thundering roar the huge rocket soared up from the launching pad.

  1. flew up
  2. went upwards
  3. took off
  4. No improvement

22. My opinion for the film is that it will bag the national award.

  1. opinion to
  2. opinion about
  3. opinion on
  4. No improvement

23. He sent a word to me that he would be coming late.

  1. sent word
  2. had sent a word
  3. sent words
  4. No improvement

24. It became clear that the strangers were heading into a serious disaster.

  1. along
  2. towards
  3. for
  4. No improvement

25. Fifty kilometres are not a great distance in these days of fast moving vehicles.

  1. is not a great distance
  2. is no distance
  3. aren’t a great distance
  4. No improvement

26. I am used to hard work.

  1. work hard
  2. work hardly
  3. hard working
  4. No improvement

27. It was indeed a shock for her, but she has later recovered from it.

  1. since
  2. then
  3. afterwards
  4. No improvement

28. There is dearth of woman doctor in our state. We shall have to recruit some from the other states.

  1. women doctor
  2. woman doctors
  3. women doctors
  4. No improvement

29. The poor villagers have waited in the bitter cold for more than four hours now.

  1. have been waiting
  2. had waited
  3. has been waiting
  4. No improvement

30. Most donors would seriously protest any effort to extrapolate from such limited data.

  1. protest against
  2. protest at
  3. protest to
  4. No improvement

31. The greatest thing in style is to have a use of metaphor.

  1. knowledge
  2. command
  3. need
  4. No improvement

32. Infact, if it hadn’t been for his invaluable advice on so many occasions I wouldn’t have achieved anything in life.

  1. remarkable advice
  2. valuable advices
  3. priceless suggestion
  4. No improvement

33. To get one’s name in the Rowland Ward’s book of hunting records was the hot ambition of every serious hunter.

  1. extreme
  2. burning
  3. high
  4. No improvement

34. I have lived in Delhi since I was four.

  1. am living
  2. lived
  3. had lived
  4. No improvement

35. My friend was in hospital for a week after an accident.

  1. through
  2. following
  3. for
  4. No improvement

36. I want you to clearly understand that matters.

  1. you clearly to understand
  2. you to understand clearly
  3. to clearly understand you
  4. No improvement

37. If you cross the line, you will be disqualified.

  1. cross upon the line
  2. cross on the line
  3. cross out the line
  4. No improvement

38. No sooner he had returned home then his mother felt happy.

  1. had he returned home when
  2. he had returned home than
  3. did he return home than
  4. No improvement

39. There is no more room for you in this compartment.

  1. There is no more seat
  2. There is no more space
  3. There is no more accommodation
  4. No improvement

40. Young men and women should get habituated to reading and writing about current affairs.

  1. used
  2. prepared
  3. trained
  4. No improvement

41. While crossing the highway, a five year old child was knocked out by a passing car.

  1. away
  2. up
  3. down
  4. No improvement

42. Every time I go in a lift to my sixth floor apartment, I remember the calm and serenity of my ancestral home in the village.

  1. move in a lift
  2. ascend in a lift
  3. take a lift
  4. No improvement

43. He found a wooden broken chair in the room.

  1. wooden and broken chair
  2. broken wooden chair
  3. broken and wooden chair
  4. No improvement

44. If the room had been brighter, I would have been able to read for a while before bed time.

  1. If the room was brighter
  2. If the room are brighter
  3. Had the room been brighter
  4. No improvement

45. Practically, every part of the banana tree is used by man.

  1. each part
  2. any part
  3. most part
  4. No improvement

46. Hoping not to be disturbed, I sat down in my easy chair to read the book. I won as a prize.

  1. I had won as a prize
  2. I have won as prize
  3. I had to win as a prize
  4. No improvement

47. His father won’t be able to leave for Varanasi until they have arrived.

  1. until they arrive
  2. until they will have arrived
  3. until they will arrive
  4. No improvement

48. The company goes to great length to ensure that employees can be comfortable in their work environment.

  1. are comfortable
  2. will be comfortable
  3. should be comfortable
  4. No improvement

49. The reason why he wrote the letter was because he could not contact him over the phone.

  1. why he wrote the letter was since
  2. for which he wrote the letter because
  3. why he wrote the letter was that
  4. No improvement

50. I shall be grateful to you if you are of help to me now.

  1. Help
  2. would help
  3. helped
  4. No improvement

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Sentence Improvement Questions: Answers


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