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CAPF AC Précis Writing: In the CAPF AC exam, the Précis writing is found on the fourth question where a passage of around 300-400 words is given and the students are asked to rewrite the passage in a concise format with a word limit of 100 to 140 words.

Précis Writing basically train the aspirants to read passages very carefully with full concentration and helps them in developing their skill to distinguish essential and non-essential data from the passage. It also improves the writing skill of students like sentence formation in a logical order, word selection as required and many more.

In the post, we will help CAPF AC 2023 Aspirants by teaching them the right way of writing Précis passages in the final exam while maintaining a proper format. Also, at the end of this article, some CAPF Précis Writing Samples with Answers are given that are easily accessible by students in the PDF format.

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Précis Writing in CAPF AC 2023 Exam

There are two papers in the written test of the CAPF AC exam, where the first paper contains objective kind of questions, and the second paper is totally descriptive in nature, containing 6 questions on different writing topics such as

Questions Pattern of CAPF AC Paper 2

  • Question 01: Essay writing,
  • Question 02: Argument Writing
  • Question 03: Report Writing
  • Question 04: Précis Writing
  • Question 05: Reading Comprehension
  • Question 06: Basic Grammar things
    • Question 06(a): Changes Sentence according to given directions
    • Question 06(b): Forms sentences with provided words without changing the forms of the words
    • Question 06(c): Fill in the blanks/Missing Words. (Voice, Direct-indirect Speech, etc)

As you can see in the above Questions Pattern list of the CAPF AC 2023 exam, the précis writing is asked at the 4th position, where students are asked to reduce a paragraph of 300-400 word length into its one-third which is around 100-130 words without suggesting any title or opinion. Below we more clarify the styles and processes of précis writing that support students to write an effective précis.

Guidlines for CAPF AC Précis Writing

Below some suggestions or guidelines are given that should students should keep in their mind while writing the Précis passage to score maximum marks in this portion: –

  • The word length of the Précis Passage should be 1/3rd of the original passage or the given passage
  • The complete passage should be in your own words.
  • The Précis passage must be written only in the defined format given in the answer sheet.
  • Do not add any kind of suggestion or title from your side in the Précis passage.
  • While writing never use I and you, always try to avoid these pronouns.
  • Use punctuation marks such as (, : ; ‘ / ? . ” – _ !) while writing your Précis in the same box with the word.
  • Write Article, Conjunctions, and Prepositions in a single box. — E.g. the, a, an, and, to, with, etc.
  • Also, Write Hyphenated words in the same box e.g. indo-pak, etc.
  • Strictly, avoid the copy of the flowery language of the passage.

Format of CAPF AC Précis Writing

  • Précis Writing should be in a Passage format so, do not write in the point-wise format.
  • Writing should be in the same tense in which the original passage is written.
  • Do not change the Paragraph.
  • Do not forget to mention the total words of the précis at the end in the given box.
  • Use important concepts, keywords, and essential data from the original passage.

Properties of A Good Précis

  • Start your précis by highlighting the main idea of the passage and you should create a contextual environment where you can place the necessary points. Once the main idea is established in the précis, you can present the methods, points, facts, etc. used by the author of the passage.
  • Is marked by clarity (of content and language), conciseness, and precision.
  • Is not just lifting of the sentences from the original. It should be written in the precise writer’s own words.
  • Is a miniature version of the original passage.
  • Must have a logical order (sequenced and organized) and be well-knit and well-connected.
  • Must have coherence; must use linking devices such as so, therefore, and, because further, etc. to maintain flow.
  • Must follow the core idea / Order of ideas of the original passage.
  • Must not contain any details that are not found in the original.

Précis Writing Sample Question with Answer

  • Question: Sample Comprehension Passage

During the launching of a satellite, the rocket must travel in exactly the right direction and at exactly the right speed. Radio signals are automatically sent back to Earth from the rocket. These signals tell men on the ground how the rocket is travelling and help them to make sure that it is going as it should. The signals go to special calculating machines called computers that work very fast. The computers work out whether the rocket is travelling correctly. If it is not, they calculate what correction is needed. Radio signals send the correction to the rocket and make it automatically change its direction or speed as necessary.

D-GIA-JBOS, Artificial satellites are used for many things. By sending them through the upper parts of the atmosphere we can find out more about the atmosphere. The more air there is, the more slowly the satellite will travel until it falls to Earth. By sending satellites around the earth at different heights, we can find out how much air there is at each height.

We can find out more about the shape of t the earth by means of mean satellites. If the earth is not perfectly round, its gravity will not be the same everywhere. Because the pull of the earth’s gravity keeps the satellite in its orbit, any change in the gravity will change the orbit. By watching the way a satellite travels, we can find out whether the earth’s gravity changes anywhere. If it does, we know that the shape of the earth is different at that place. In this way, artificial satellites have shown us that the poles of the earth are flattened and that the South Pole is flattened more than the North.

Satellites can give us information about the weather. By sending up satellites with television cameras on board, we can get pictures of the clouds below. Each picture shows an area the size of one or more whole countries. By looking at these pictures, we can see bad weather before it comes to us. By getting warnings of hurricanes or typhoons in this way, people can get ready to shelter from them. Weather satellites can also show us when the rain will come. Men are now trying to forecast weather all around the world with the help of satellites. (385 words)

  • Answer: Précis Passage

atmosphereand theblanketof
usaboutthe sizeof

Word length of the Précis passage = 130 words

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30+ Questions on Précis Writing for Practice | Précis Writing examples with solutions PDF

Download the PDF through the given link and attempt each passage first and try to write the précis form of the required one-third length. In case you are struggling initially then you can see the answers which are serially given after the Questions. Also, while practicing the provided Questions, keep the above-mentioned points for better understanding and clear writing. Keep patience and faith on yourself, you will definitely master this section with time.

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