50+ CAPF AC Argument Writing Topics and Techniques 2023

CAPF AC Argument Writing Topics 2023: – Argument writing is very important as well as different in the CAPF AC exam, there are two questions each of 10 marks i.e., 20 marks are asked in the second paper of the exam. In this year 2023, the conducting body UPSC is going to conduct the exam with the same exam pattern as previous.

The argument writing is a part of paper 2 General Studies, Essay, and Comprehension where out 6 questions, the argument writing is the second one that contains two topics or statements based on current situations or issues, and students have to write arguments in favor as well as in against on both the statements.

CAPF AC Argument Writing Topics and Techniques
50+ CAPF AC Argument Writing Topics and Techniques 2023

In this particular post, we will learn how to write an argument in the CAPF AC 2023 exam so that we can score maximum marks in this section. Also, in the end, section, we have also provided 50+ argument writing topics for your practice.

What is an argument?

Argument means the reasons that you give to support your opinion about that particular topic that is based on your knowledge, understanding, and beliefs about the particular topic. Generally, an argument writes in the forms of Reasons, Facts, Rationale, Logic, Proofs, Evidence, Information, etc.

What kind of arguments are asked in the CAPF exam?

The conducting body UPSC wants, the applicant of the CAPF AC exam should be aware of current situations or conditions, it also wants to know the opinion or thought processes of students on the current topics. That’s why, the argument questions asked in the CAPF AC exam are generally based on current affairs. So, students should keep updating themselves to write effective arguments in the final exam.

Location of Argument Question in the final CAPF AC exam Paper 02

In the second paper of the CAPF AC 2023 Exam, the argument question will be in the second number containing two statements or topics, and writing an argument on both topics are compulsory. The complete question carries 20 marks (10 marks for each topic). The question will be as

Q2. Write arguments for and against each of the following statements in about 300 words. (2×20 =40)

What constitutes a good argument?

A good argument follows these criteria:

  • 1. Crisp and clear argument without confusion or ambiguity
  • 2. Good structure (point-wise)
  • 3. Good presentation
  • 4. Sufficient facts/information/data.
  • 5. Fulfilling the complete demand of the question.

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What is the structure of the argument?

In argument writing, students will have to write 5 to 10 points on both FAVORS as well as AGAINST sides in the structure as drawn below:-

Arguments in support or favor of the statement:

(Minimum 5 to 10 points)
Arguments against the statement:
(Minimum 5 to 10 points)

How to solve arguments Question in CAPF AC 2023?

In all arguments, there are 2 types of statements given.

  • Type 01: A statement implying something should be preferred over another or something is better than another. i.e. There is a clear comparison between two things.

E.g. Development and creation of jobs must take priority over social development, Pre-poll alliances are better than post-poll partnerships.

In these types of arguments, 2 sides that are against each other are already given in the statement itself. So in FOR argument, you have to justify (or give reasons) to justify the first side i.e. side which is clearly preferred in the statement, and in AGAINST argument, you have to justify another side which is the second part of the original statement.

e.g. (a) Development and creation of jobs must take priority over social development.

Development and creation of jobs must take priority over social development.Social development must take priority over development and creation of jobs.

(b) Pre-poll alliances are better than post-poll partnerships.

Pre-poll alliances are better than post-poll partnerships.Post-poll partnerships are better than pre-poll alliances

  • Type 02: A simple sentence implying only one side. There is no comparison between the two statements.

E.g. Privacy is an elitist idea, Note-ban, an effective tool against black money.

Here in for arguments you have to justify the GIVEN statement and in against argument you have to justify the OPPOSITE of the given statement.

e.g. (a) Privacy is an elitist idea.

Privacy is an elitist idea.Privacy is not an elitist idea.

(b) Note-ban, an effective tool against black money.

Note-ban, an effective tool against black money.Note-ban is not an effective tool against black money.

How to identify FOR and AGAINST?

The simple rule to know FOR and AGAINST is

Justify the given statement Justify the opposite statement.

If you still get confused about FOR and AGAINST just write the statement as it  is for FOR arguments (don’t write the word “FOR”) and just write the opposite of the given statement for against arguments (you can use the word not etc.) (don’t write the word “AGAINST”)

How much time should be devoted to argument writing?

The utilization of time, especially in Paper 2 of the UPSC CAPF AC 2023 exam is very important because it is a descriptive type paper, then it takes time. So, if a student wants to write paper 02 in a very well manner then he should divide the time according to each question.

According to some recent years’ toppers, we have concluded that maximum 30 minutes (15 minutes for each topic) should be devoted to an argument writing question, and if any student is taking more time then he/she needs to work on that particular portion.

Characteristics of Good Arguments

LANGUAGECommand ✔   
Grammar  ✔  
Spelling  ✔  
Sentence Construction  ✔  
PRESENTATIONSpecialist  ✔  
Neatness  ✔  
Structure   ✔ 
Brevity   ✔ 
CLARITYAdequate no of Arguments   ✔ 
Clarity of Arguments   ✔ 
Use of Examples / Case Studies   ✔ 
Idea Generation   ✔ 
Moral/Values/Ethical/Rights/issues/ Constitutional/Social Study   ✔ 
Moral/Values/Ethical/Rights/issues/ Constitional/Social Study   ✔ 
Conclusion   ✔ 

Argument Writing Topics for CAPF AC 2023

Check out the topics given below for practicing CAPF AC 2023 Argument writing

  • Topic 01: surgical strikes: Its Optimum Reply to Pakistan state-sponsored terrorism
  • Topic 02: India needs a fully digital economy
  • Topic 03: Note-ban, an effective tool against black money.
  • Topic 04: Privacy is an elitist idea.
  • Topic 05: Power flows from the barrel of the gun.
  • Topic 06: The youth in India are getting addicted to Android mobiles.
  • Topic 07: The trend of nuclear families will make old age homes in India increase in number
  • Topic 08: India needs to focus on imparting quality education instead of merely increasing its Gross Enrolment Ratio
  • Topic 09: Democracy slows down the pace of development.
  • Topic 10: Large population of India is more of a bane than a boon.
  • Topic 11: Pre-poll alliances are better than post-poll partnerships
  • Topic 12: Development and creation of jobs must take priority over social development
  • Topic 13: Women empowerment in India so far is an urban phenomenon
  • Topic 14: A casteless society becomes distant through issues raised by reservation policies.
  • Topic 15: National Institution Ranking Framework (NIRF) shall improve the quality of education in India
  • Topic 16: India needs to generate more jobs than just giving freebies through social welfare programs
  • Topic 17: Indian elections are a circus of people than a triumph of democracy
  • Topic 18: Afforestation should be the priority over than utilization of Unused land for domestic purposes
  • Topic 19: India should review the legal age to have a right to vote
  • Topic 20: Internet access should be limited to Students
  • Topic 21: Solar Energy
  • Topic 22: One Nation One Ration
  • Topic 23: Uniform Civil Code
  • Topic 24: Is the UN still relevant?
  • Topic 25: Is prostitution legal in India?
  • Topic 26: Video games are promoting violence.
  • Topic 27: Do drug addicts need punishment?
  • Topic 28: Electric Vehicle Future
  • Topic 29: Vaccination is Mandatory
  • Topic 30: Pros and cons of Pandemics
  • Topic 31: Regionalism is a threat to national integration
  • Topic 32: Social media
  • Topic 33: Privatization
  • Topic 34: Artificial intelligence
  • Topic 35: Online Education
  • Topic 36: Digital economy
  • Topic 37: 5 Years to GST
  • Topic 38: Loan waiver
  • Topic 39: Raising the legal age for marriages
  • Topic 40: Computers may replace books
  • Topic 41: Is India ready for 5G?
  • Topic 42: The gig economy in India
  • Topic 43: Green economy
  • Topic 44: Agniveer
  • Topic 45: Is war the only Solution?
  • Topic 46: Drone Technology
  • Topic 47: A Castless Society becomes distant through issues raised by Reservation Policies.
  • Topic 48: Women’s Empowerment in India so far is an urban Phenomenon
  • Topic 49: Development and creation of jobs must take priority over social development.
  • Topic 50: Pre-poll alliances are better than post-poll Partnerships
  • Topic 51: India’s large population is more of a bane than a boon.
  • Topic 52: Democracy slows down the Pace of Development
  • Topic 53: India needs to focus on imparting quality education instead of merely increasing its gross enrolment ratio.
  • Topic 54: The trend of Nuclear Families will make old age Homes in India increase in Number.
  • Topic 55: Youth in India are getting addicted to Android Mobiles
  • Topic 56: Privacy is an elitist idea
  • Topic 57: NOTE-BAN, an effective tool against Black Money
  • Topic 58: Digital Technologies may replace books with computers
  • Topic 59: Homework should be banned at the primary level of Education
  • Topic 60: Solitude of a Pandemic is not Unwelcome
  • Topic 61: Political Awareness among the social elite is inconsequential
  • Topic 62: Elections in States should be held simultaneously
  • Topic 63: Farmer Protests are Politically Motivated

NOTE : – If you need any help regarding your exam, preparation, or demand of e-books, video lectures, syllabus etc then let us know 📌 in the Comment Section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions on CAPF AC Argument Writing?

Question: How many arguments are there in CAPF AC Exam 2023?

Answer: There are 2 questions with 20 marks for each argument.

Question: Which medium is to be used to answer the questions in the passage?

Answer: English only. You can write arguments in simple English. No decorative or heavy language is required. Simple English with minimum errors of grammar and spelling can fetch you good marks.

Question: How lengthy an answer should be written?

Answer: Approximately 200-300 words or around 2 to 2.5-page argument should be written.

Question: Should I write in paragraph fashion or pointwise fashion in an argument?

Answer: Write in a pointwise fashion as it will avoid confusion and the examiner shall clearly know how many arguments you provided.

Question: Is it important to provide a conclusion?

Answer: Yes. As you provide arguments supporting the statement and against the statement you have to provide a balancing conclusion. This will fetch good marks.

e.g. Note-ban, an effective tool against black money. In this, we have to conclude that ‘it is an effective tool but only when implemented with proper preparation and good intension otherwise it has serious negative implications on national economy and development.’

Question: How much marks can be scored?

Answer: Practically in each argument, you can score 10-14 marks per question. i.e. Total 20-28 marks out of 40 marks. It’s a very high-scoring area in paper 2.


Hope, you learned almost all the things need to write an effective argument in the CAPF AC exam, argument writing needs deep knowledge about the topics. In the final exam, the topics given will be from the current situation of India in different fields like Political, Technologies, Current affairs, Static General Knowledge (GK), etc. So, students must be aware of these things to write more effective arguments.

In CAPF AC 2023, students are allowed to write arguments in the English language only with a word limit of 300 words. Then must include impactful points to get maximum marks. To practice argument writing, you can use the topics given above. If you really learned something from this post then kindly share the article with your friends and bookmark our website for more useful content for free. And if any kind of queries has left in your mind then feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Thank you!

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