[2008-2023] CAPF AC Previous Year Paper PDF Download

CAPF Assistant Commandant Question Paper: If you are wishing to appear in CAPF AC 2023 exam then before you must have to analyze the last years papers where you will find something common such as patterns, an important portion of the syllabus, difficulty level etc. that help you the upcoming exam. So, if you want to write the exam with calmness, then the previous year Question Papers can be a tool to relax yourself in the final exam.

Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) also known as CAPF in short is a national-level defence competitive exam conducted every year by UPSC. Here we have covered the CAPF AC Previous Year Papers in this post, which can be offline download in the PDF format by anyone.

Why do we need CAPF AC Previous Year Papers?

If you use these CAPF AC Previous year Question Papers then it will make your preparation fine and more straightforward to the content that you really have to study for the exam. In any exam preparation, we need something that mentors us and previous years papers are a very good mentor that will tell you almost everything that you need to know before the exam.

as sure t in your preparation, then you can gather knowledge about the exam or papers as well as questions are also repeated in the exam.

CAPF Previous Year Question Paper in Hindi and English

The CAPF exam conducts every year, in which students can appear the exam in two languages, Hindi and English. We have provided here CAPF both Paper 01 & 02 in the both Hindi as well as English Medium previous year question papers PDF of last 15-16 years.

CAPF AC Previous Year Paper PDF Download

There are two papers in the written test of the CAPF AC exam namely, General Studies, Essay and Comprehension and Other is General Ability and Intelligence. Here the Previous year’s Question Papers of some last years are given so you can understand the parameters of the essay writing paper and write the paper without mistakes in the final exam. Access the papers through the given links attached below:-

  • Paper 01: General Ability and Intelligence
  • Paper 02: General Studies, Essay, and Comprehension

YearsPaper 01Paper 02Medium/Language
🔰 2008Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2009Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2010Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2011Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2012Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2013Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2014Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2015Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2016Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2017Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2018Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2019Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2020Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2021Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2022Click HereClick HereBoth Hindi & English
🔰 2023Coming Soon…Coming Soon…

CAPF Subject-wise Previous Year Questions

To strongly covered the complete syllabus of CAPF 2023, we have arranged the last 14 year Question and categorized into 8 different subjects from which question are generally asked every year. The previous year questions from 2009 to 2022 are arranged in eight subjects of Defence, Economics, Environmental science, Geography, History, Political Science, General Science and Mathematics & Reasoning. and the each subject-wise PDF can be directly access from the given links in the below table.

YearsSubjectsLanguageSubject-wise PYQs
2009 to 2022Defence[English]Download PDF
2009 to 2022Economics[English]Download PDF
2009 to 2022Environmental Science[English]Download PDF
2009 to 2022Geography[English]Download PDF
2009 to 2022History[English]Download PDF
2009 to 2022Mathematics and Reasoning[English]Download PDF
2009 to 2022Political Science (Polity)[English]Download PDF
2009 to 2022General Science[English]Download PDF

NOTE : – If you need any help regarding your exam, preparation, or demand of e-books, video lectures, syllabus etc then let us know 📌 in the Comment Section below. 

How can we use CAPF AC Previous Year Papers?

There are a lot of ways that students can use CAPF AC Previous Year Papers. Here i will tell you the most effective 3 ways to use CAPF Previous Year Papers.

  • Use as Mock Test/Sample paper/ Model Test Paper: – If you use it as model test papers then it can give you a maximum positive output because by practicing the papers you can maximize your score.
  • Use as Syllabus Re-creator:- Select the topics from which Questions were asked in the last 5-10 years and then recreate the Syllabus that can be the most effective syllabus for the exam.
  • Use as a Mentor: – As we know Mentors teach us through their experiences, then if you are preparing for any exam then the previous year papers can be a very good mentor that will give you almost all the useful information about the exam such as exam pattern, the toughness of paper, etc.

Final words:-

We hope you will definitely utilize the UPSC CAPF AC Previous Year Papers of some last years and also gained some useful information that help you in the upcoming exam. If you are preparing for any of the other exams in the defence field, then our Website is genuinely made for you where you will get all kinds of study material for free. Help us to make our Defence Family more bigger by sharing our post with your friends and you can also bookmark our website for future reference because in the future a lot of free Defence exam study material will be provided here for free.

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