CAPF AC Reading Comprehension 2023: Pattern, Solving Methods, Sample with Answers

CAPF AC Reading Comprehension 2023: The purpose of asking Reading Comprehension Questions in the Central Armed Police Force i.e., CAPF Exam is to test the ability of Candidates to understand correct English. Basically, in this type of question, a Story is given with 4-5 Questions that are asked to answer on the basis of the given story in their own language of students.

Reading Comprehension Question Pattern in CAPF AC Exam

In the CAPF AC Exam, the reading comprehension contains 5 Questions of total 20 Marks or each carrying 4 marks. Students are asked to answer these 5 questions in their own words after reading and understanding the given paragraph. The level of reading comprehension questions is moderate not too hard or not too easy but if you practiced before then it will be easy for you. So, understand the paragraph in a better way and then answer the questions. While writing the answer to the question never ever did the mistake of copy-pasting the lines or sentences from the given paragraph, always write answers in your own language.

Solving Methods for Reading Comprehension Questions

  • Step 01: Start with the questions, first read all the questions and options (if given) very carefully, and try to understand what is being asked in the question.
  • Step 02: After completing the first step, you will be able to read the passage with more concentration. So, Jump to the Passage section and read line by line.
  • Step 03: While reading the passage try to find the answer or mark with pencil to the Questions simultaneously, that you have read in the first step, it will save maximum time.
  • Step 04: After getting the answer to the question in the passage, don’t copy and paste. Understand that and write in your own language without duplicating the passage’s lines.
  • Step 05: While writing the answer, do not add any additional knowledge from your side, give the complete answer from the given passage only.
  • Step 06: The answer for a single question carrying 4 marks should not be less than 2-3 lines or not more than 4-5 lines. Also, the answer should be to the point.

Tips to improve Reading Comprehension for CAPF Exam 2023

If you are a Defence aspirant and preparing for CAPF Exam 2023, then reading comprehension is one of the easiest topics where every aspirant can score up to 100% marks. To score full marks in this section, students need to develop the habit of reading because there is no better medicine than reading to score full marks. Also, below some tips are listed that help you to improve your reading in a better way.

  • Tip Number 01
    • Start reading different things at a time (editorials are good).
    • This will help you to tackle different passages in those 60 minutes.
  • Tip Number 02
    • Attempt it wholeheartedly, like you watch or drink the last cup of your coffee.
    • Don’t skip, don’t rush. Take your time, and gradually build up a fast pace.
  • Tip Number 03
    • Learn to skip questions. If you can’t perceive the main idea don’t try to touch the inference-based questions.
    • It is a game of negative marking, so, play wisely.
  • Tip Number 04
    • Don’t skip the data-driven questions. Develop the skill to note down the main points so that you don’t need to search again. This requires a lot of practice.
  • Tip Number 05
    • Aim to solve at least 3 to 4 passages per day.
    • Mastering reading comprehension is a slow process.
    • You cannot complete the VARC section in a month or two. So, keep practicing.

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CAPF AC Reading Comprehension Sample with Answers

Below a Sample Question of Reading Comprehension is given with Answers:-

Question: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: (4×5=20)

After every party, it’s time to clean up. Mount Everest is no different. The record number of climbers crowding the world’s highest mountain this season has left a government clean-up crew grappling with how to clear away everything from abandoned tents to human waste that threatens drinking water.

Budget expedition companies just charge $30,000 per climber, cutting costs including waste removal. Everest has so much garbage deplored oxygen cylinders, food packaging, and rope- that climbers use it as a kind of signpost. But this year’s haul from an estimated 700 climbers, guides, and porters on the mountain has been a shock to the ethnic Sherpas who worked on the government’s clean-up drive this spring.

The tents are littering the South Col, or Camp 4, which, at 8000 meters (26240 feet), is the highest campsite on Everest. The high winds have scattered the tents and trash everywhere.”The altitude, oxygen levels, dangerously icy and slippery slopes, and bad weather of the South Col make it very difficult to bring such big things as tents down”, said Dawa Steven Sherpa, who led an independent clean-up last month.

Exhausted climbers struggling to breathe and battling nausea often leave heavy tents behind. Dawa said the logos on the ice-embedded tents that identify the expedition companies were ripped out so that culprits could evade detection.

“It took us an hour to dig just one tent out of the frozen ice and bring it down”, he said. His expeditions have brought down some 20000 kg of garbage since 2008.

Dawa estimated 30 tents had been left on the South Col, and as much as 5000 kg of trash. It is impossible to know exactly how much litter is spread across Everest because it becomes visible only when the snow melts.

  • (a) What does the garbage on Mount Everest consist of?
  • (b) What is the task of the government clean-up crew?
  • (c) Why is the clean-up task difficult?
  • (d) Why do climbers leave their heavy tents behind on the mountain while returning?
  • (e) Why is it difficult to estimate the amount of garbage left behind by the climbers?


  • (a) What does the garbage on Mount Everest consist of?

Answer: Garbage on Mount Everest consists of, deplored oxygen cylinders, rope, tent material, food packaging material, food waste, human excreta, and other used materials by climbers.

  • (b) What is the task of the government clean-up crew?

Answer: The task of the government clean-up crew is to find the maximum possible wastes and garbage left by climbers and bring them back to the earth and make arrangements for their disposal so that Mount Everest can be kept clean and the water sources should be clean.

  • (c) Why is the clean-up task difficult?

Answer: The cleaning work is very difficult due to the bad terrain and bad weather. The high altitude, low oxygen levels, dangerous snow, and slippery slopes make the clean-up task very difficult, plus many waste materials are sometimes buried in thick snow cover and become visible only when the snow melts.

  • (d) Why do climbers leave their heavy tents behind on the mountain while returning?

Answer: While climbing climbers have more energy and enthusiasm to reach the destination, while returning they are exhausted, and due to difficulty in breathing and battling with nausea, climbers are often forced to abandon heavy objects like tents.

  • (e) Why is it difficult to estimate the amount of garbage left behind by the climbers?

Answer: It is very difficult to estimate the amount of garbage left behind by climbers, as there is no proper record of what they have bought down and what they have left and what they have left all are not visible and many tent parts are spread here and there and some are deep down the ice sheets and visible only when the ice melts so it is very difficult to estimate.

CAPF Reading Comprehension Question with Answers PDF Download

Reading Comprehension is an easy part of the English section that can easily give you 20 marks in the CAPF AC exam if you have a little bit of Grammatical knowledge and reading habit. Because it basically checks the student’s ability to comprehend English. We are providing here a collection of CAPF Mock Test PDFs of Reading Comprehension Questions with Answers that can be downloaded from the CAPF AC Mock Test post through the below-given button. Firstly, be honest with yourself and try to solve the east questions then after a complete solution, you can see the answers which are given in the bottom section of the PDF.

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