NDA Biology Questions with Answers PDF Download 2023

Top 100 IMPORTANT Biology Questions with answer is very useful for various competitive exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, SSC CPO, CGL, CHSL, MTS, etc. Biology general knowledge type questions is asked in NDA general ability test or NDA paper-2 exam in which candidate can score good by practicing questions and revising the basics.

NDA biology general knowledge questions and answers

Every year in the NDA paper-2 exam biology questions is asked in the general science section, Approx 10-12 biology questions is asked in the general ability test (gat) exam of NDA. Below are a few NDA & NA important biology questions for practice that can be asked in your exam, the objection questions of biology provided below are prepared by experts as per the NDA paper-2 syllabus along with the help of best materials and previous year’s question paper of NDA. Also, check Important SSB interview questions.

Important NDA Biology Questions with Answers:-

Here we have provided 30 Important biology general knowledge questions and answers to practice by which you can understand the type of questions asked in the exam and your weak points that you need to improve before the actual exam. You can also check NDA chemistry MCQ and nda physics mcq .

Instruction to attempt Biology Questions with Answers:

Follow the following instruction :

  • Below are 30 MCQs questions of whole Biology syllabus of NDA .
  • Take a page and put number from 1 to 30 on left side to make it as answer sheet . Take a separate copy / rough page for calculation .
  • Solve the questions in a given time interval which you can choose yourself as per your preparation level .
  • write your correct answer you think in answer sheet made by you .
  • check your answers at the end from the answer key provided at the end ,
  • Be honest with yourself and don’t forget to comment yours marks in the comment section below .

NDA Biology Questions with Answers:

  1. Which of the following is a large blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart?
    A. Vein
    B. Artery
    C. Capillary
    D. Nerve
  2. Which of the following is not a member of the vitamin B complex?
    A. Thiamine
    B. Riboflavin
    C. Folic acid
    D. Ascorbic acid
  3. Fungi are plants that lack:
    A. Oxygen
    B. Carbon dioxide
    C. Chlorophyll
    D. None of these
  4. What makes a reptile a reptile?
    A. Cold blooded
    B. Warm Blooded
    C. Non-Hearing
    D. Egg-laying
  5. Which blood vessels have the smallest diameter?
    A. Capillaries
    B. Arterioles
    C. Venules
    D. Lymphatic
  6. Which of the following is an air-borne disease?
    A. Measles
    B. Typhoid
    C. Pink eye
    D. None of the above
  7. There is a very, yellow dust that comes away on the fingers, wherever we touch the
    middle of a flower. These tiny yellow grains are one of the most precious substances in
    nature because they contain the secret of plant life. What is this dust called?
    A. Pollen
    B. Sperm
    C. Spore
    D. Sporocyst
  1. Which organ of the body produces the fluid known as bile?
    A. Liver
    B. Pancreas
    C. Gall bladder
    D. Kidney
  2. Which of the following hormones is a steroid?
    A. Estrogen
    B. Glucagon
    C. Insulin
    D. Oxytocin
  3. Which one of the following is not a function of the liver?
    A. Regulation of blood sugar
    B. Enzyme activation
    C. Detoxiation
    D. Reproduction
  4. Which part of human body skin has greatest number Sweat glands?
    A. Forehead
    B. Forearm
    C. Palm of the hand
    D. Back
  5. Who among the following had started vaccination?
    A. Jonas E. Salk
    B. Paul Muller
    C. Edward Jenner
    D. Robert Frost
  6. Proteins are consists of:
    A. Sugars
    B. Amino acids
    C. Fatty acids
    D. Nucleic acids
  7. Liver, milk, egg yolk, fish liver oil is the source of:
    A. Vitamin A
    B. Vitamin B2
    C. Vitamin D
    D. Vitamin C
  8. Which of the following name of scientist and their field of work is correctly matched?
    A. DNA/Double helix: F. Crick J. Watson, M. Wilkins
    B. Modern classification of plants and animals based on a system: Harvey
    C. Bacteria: Linnaeus D. Blood travels in a continuous circuit: Leuwenhock
  1. Heart is made up of
    A. Non-striated muscle
    B. Cardiac muscle
    C. Adipose tissue
    D. Striated muscle
  2. Hargobind Khorana’s work relates to:
    A. Synthesis of simple DNA
    B. Understanding the genetic code
    C. Reduction of mutation
    D. Synthesis of RNA from bacterial cell
  3. Which of the following corona virus that kills human?
    A. AIDS
    B. FAIDS
    C. SARS
    D. HIV
  4. Digestion of proteins starts in the:
    A. Mouth
    B. Stomach
    C. Duodenum
    D. Intestine
  5. Which of the following acid that is secreted in the stomach?
    A. HCI
    B. H2S04
    C. H2C03
    D. HNO3
  6. Which vitamin is needed to prevent Xero-phthalmia?
    A. A
    B. B
    C. C
    D. D
  7. Why the white blood corpuscles are popularly called “soldiers of the body”?
    A. March at a regular pace
    B. Appear uniform
    C. Defend the body
    D. Disciplined
  1. Hepatitis is a general term for a disease that is caused by:
    A. Viruses
    B. Bacteria
    C. Parasites
    D. All the above
  2. Which among the following is not an example of carbohydrate?
    A. Maltose
    B. Fructose
    C. Glycogen
    D. Glycine
  3. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
    A. Haemoglobin: Skin
    B. Vitamin C: Scurvy
    C. Carbohydrate: Potato
    D. Fat: Butter
  4. Which is a communicable disease?
    A. Asthma
    B. Scurvy
    C. Measles
    D. Diabetes
  5. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
    A. Tuberculosis: Lungs
    B. Filaria: Lymph nodes
    C. Encephalitis: Heart
    D. Leukaemia: Blood cells
  6. Which of the following has the highest protein content per gram?
    A. Groundnut
    B. Soyabean
    C. Apple
    D. Wheat
  7. Which of the following have Alpha-keratin as protein?
    A. Blood
    B. Eggs
    C. Skin
    D. Wool
  8. Mushrooms are/can be:
    A. A variety of fungus
    B. Fleshy, fruiting bodies of the fungus
    C. Grown in small sheds or plots

D. All the above

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Answer key of NDA Biology Questions:-

Question no.AnswerQuestion no.AnswerQuestion no.Answer
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